Ten more unsolved Denver murders: Read victims' personal stories

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Nancy Begg-Shoupp.jpg
Nancy Begg-Shoupp.
Nancy Begg-Shoupp:

Nancy Lyn Begg Shoupp, 27, was born in Littleton, CO and raised there until she was 13 when she moved to Meeker with her sister, brothers and mother. She graduated from Meeker High School then came to Denver where she graduated from Metro State.

Married to Steve Shoupp, she had two children, Geoffrey, 3-1/2, and Mattie, 2. Nancy worked for a Boulder company planning computer conventions. Steve worked at a convenience store at Broadway & Dry Creek (now C-470). Nancy & the children lived in an apartment complex on Hinsdale off Dry Creek between Holly & University. Steve had left Nancy and was living alone. There was an issue of domestic violence.

Over a weekend in late April 1990, her mother, Sue Kirkham, then living in Grand Junction, tried unsuccessfully to reach Nancy at her Littleton apartment. Sue called Nancy's work Monday but she wasn't there. The employer became alarmed because Nancy would always call if she were going to be late. Sue called Nancy's father and step-mother who went to the apartment. Both Steve's and Nancy's car were there, but no Nancy.

The Arapahoe Sheriff was notified. Steve was interviewed but no arrests have been made. Sue & her husband undertook an investigation of their own. Sue believes Nancy's body may have been dumped down a missile silo near Byers. A psychic accompanied the couple to Deer Trail and they approached the silo which is on private property owned by a buffalo rancher. The site is a party place for teens and shows signs of being a satanic ritual ground. The land owner would not allow her to search because of liability issues. Sue Kirkham now lives in Meeker, CO. Steve Shoupp lives in Troy, Ohio with the children. Nancy also leaves a sister, Diane Hutchins, and two brothers, Doug & Mike Begg. Nancy's father, Ron Begg, lives in Cortez, CO and Sun City, AZ.

If you have information about this case, please contact investigator Bruce Isaacson, (720) 874-4022.

marilee burt.jpg
Marilee Burt.
Marilee Burt:

Marilee Burt, age 15, was walking home from school in her cheerleading outfit.

She made it 1/2 way home and disappeared.

Her nude body was found the next day in Deer Creek canyon.

She had been struck once in the face with enough force to cause unconsciousness. She was raped and strangled.

If you have any information on this crime, please contact Detective Bruce Isaacson, (720) 874-4022.

Continue to read more about ten more unsolved Denver murders, and to see photos of the victims.

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WTF is wrong with people..... it's a scary, scary world :(


Could you please do a retrospective on the slaying of 12 year old Eric Hope?  He was murdered on the night of October 23, 1981 @ 1269 Fairfax Street. I was 10 years old at the time and lived a block and a half away from him. Although we didn't attend the same school, I remember his murder vividly. Being from the neighborhood and curious about the incident, my mother took me by the house the day after the killing, driving first past the front of the house, then down the alley behind the residence. As we were driving past in the alley I saw his bloody mattress removed from his home by Denver homicide detectives, and it's an image I will take to my grave, as you can imagine. I just think he should be remembered by the public, I know I think about him all the time. Thanks.


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