Ten more unsolved Denver murders: Read victims' personal stories

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vicki carpenter.jpg
Vicki Carpenter.
Vicki Carpenter:

Vicki Clements Carpenter graduated from Denver's Temple Baptist Academy in 1978. The following year she married Paul Carpenter. Their son, Justin, was born in December 1981. Vicki was employed by King Soopers as a Secretary at their store on Montview in Aurora. A popular, outgoing individual, she enjoyed country-western dancing. Separated from her husband in August 1984, Vicki and Justin lived with her mother, Lynette Clements.

On the evening of February 18, 1985, Vicki went to Knicks Restaurant and Saloon for the first time to participate in a fashion contest. At about midnight she left Knicks and headed home. She never showed up and her mother reported her as missing the next day. Witnesses at Knicks later stated they saw Vicki get into her white and maroon, 1967 Buick by herself. The car was later found abandoned and disabled only a half mile east of Knicks, in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Vicki's partially submerged body was found in the Cherry Creek Spillway on April 2, 1985. Authorities believe she was strangled. If you have information that might be related to this crime, please call Investigator Bruce Isaacson at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office -- 720-874-4022 -- or e-mail him at BIsaacson@co.arapahoe.co.us

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Alice Hensley.
Alice Hensley:

Alice Jane Nethery Hensley, 35, was born in Lexington, KY. She was the mother of Jennifer Hartman, 13, and the daughter of Bob Nethery of Lakewood, CO. Her natural mother, Judith Lanman, died in 1978. Alice was raised by her step-father, Joel Watson. She graduated from Ashland (KY) High School. Alice Jane was employed at a Family Resource Center.

She was divorced in 1995 from Donnie Hartman of Ashland. Donnie was the father of Jennifer and he and Alice Jane continued to share a special bond and remained friends until her death.

But Alice Jane was infatuated with Buck Hensley. They had dated during her early high school years. She married Buck in 1996.

Their relationship had problems during the five years they were married, according to Buck Hensley. According to Bob Nethery, she decided to walk away from her marriage, quit her job, and return to college. She was excited, relieved and felt a new hope for her future.

After having spent the evening out with her husband (Buck said they had been drinking) Alice Jane was shot in the head with a 38 caliber gun in her home in Ashland. She died shortly after being taken to the hospital on March 3, 2001. The coroner ruled the death a suicide.

Her parents were called by Donnie in the early morning hours of the 3rd.

In their grief her family was dismayed to learn there was no crime scene investigation, no autopsy and no formal investigation until 12 days after her death. The Boyd County sheriff's dept. and/or the coroner accepted the husband's story that Alice Jane had shot herself in his presence.

Anyone with other information about this death should call the Kentucky State Police.

Continue to read more about ten more unsolved Denver murders, and to see photos of the victims.

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WTF is wrong with people..... it's a scary, scary world :(


Could you please do a retrospective on the slaying of 12 year old Eric Hope?  He was murdered on the night of October 23, 1981 @ 1269 Fairfax Street. I was 10 years old at the time and lived a block and a half away from him. Although we didn't attend the same school, I remember his murder vividly. Being from the neighborhood and curious about the incident, my mother took me by the house the day after the killing, driving first past the front of the house, then down the alley behind the residence. As we were driving past in the alley I saw his bloody mattress removed from his home by Denver homicide detectives, and it's an image I will take to my grave, as you can imagine. I just think he should be remembered by the public, I know I think about him all the time. Thanks.


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