Victor Sanders gets 34 years for pimping a sixteen year old

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Big photo below.
The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office didn't get a jury to agree with every charge leveled against Victor Sanders, who was accused of pimping and abusing a teenage girl -- and that's an apparent source of frustration. But jurors signed on to enough of them to earn the 26 year old a sentence that could result in more than three decades behind bars.

In January 2011, according to the DA's office, investigators received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that led them to Sanders by way of sexually oriented online advertising featuring a sixteen-year-old victim. That led to an undercover prostitution sting during which the girl was taken into custody.

Under questioning, the teenager told cops Sanders was pimping her out -- and that's not all. She claimed she was dependent on him for food and clothing, but he provided little of either...meaning, in the case of the latter, that the stuff he gave her to wear was sexually explicit. The young woman also asserted that Sanders beat her, raped her and verbally abused her.

Hence, the arrest of Sanders. But after observing his trial in July, the jury returned a not-guilty verdict on one count of sexual assault and couldn't come to unanimous agreement on a charge of child trafficking.

Still, jurors concurred on plenty, including Sanders's guilt when it came to contributing to the delinquency of a child, pandering of a child, pimping of a child, procurement of a child and what are described as two violent crime counts -- new marks on a record that already showed one felony conviction. The total adds up to a 34-year sentence and a requirement that he register as a sex offender.

As for the girl, who's said to have run away from home at age thirteen to escape what Jeffco DA Scott Storey describes as a "difficult home environment," she appeared in court this week to watch Sanders's sentencing. The DA's office says she told the judge she no longer feels like a victim. Indeed, she attended her prom this year, after which she graduated from high school -- and she's currently enrolled in college.

Sounds like a happy ending...for everyone but Sanders. Here's a larger look at his mug shot.

victor sanders mug shot.jpg
Victor Sanders.

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I hope this P.O.S. suffers !!!

In this system , he'll be required to do almost ALL of the sentence before released .

In this system , he will ALSO be protected from having the same done to him !

Colorado loves and protects it's sex offenders !!!


"Hence, the arrest of Sanders. But after observing his trial in July, the jury returned a not-guilty verdict on one count of sexual assault and couldn't come to anonymous agreement on a charge of child trafficking."


Spell check knows Anonymous and Unanimous are both words, but a breathing human being with at least some training in journalism should know which word would be appropriate in this sentence.





I do understand how you may want this person to suffer, but as you wrote he will have to serve almost all his sentence before being released.

He is 26 years old. Let's say that he even does his entire sentence without any furlow or such and is kept inside for 34 years.

That means (26+34)) that he will be 60 years old when freed.

A 60 years old having not much more to do every day than pumping iron will be much more fit than most 30 years old fed on McDonalds and Big Gulps...

Would you rather live or have your kids live near by such a man who has been raped and abused in every possible ways for 34 years or near by a man who at least was offered a chance of amending his life and who may be made a change?

The obvious answer will probably be neither, but this isn't a choice.

Everyday prisoners come back to society. It is up to us to at least not make them worse than they were coming in prison.

People wishing abuse, violence, rape..etc on offenders have a very short view on what will happen down the road.

Be careful what you wish. Abusing such a person will only close him more to society and build a rage that will not be easily extinguished... 


 @kulichan Are you offering a residence for this douche bag following his release ???


@Juan_Leg @kulichan You were not there to hear all the lies, but one day the truth will be revealed. I believe God will set the record straight.



no I am not. No disrespect but if you read and understood my answer you wouldn,t ask this.

We won't have a choice to have him next door. If that's the case, I'd rather have someone collected near me than an ex con full of rage...

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