Walmart opponents ask Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District for a place at the podium

While the area around the new University of Colorado Health Sciences Center is booming, the buildings CU left behind a decade ago stand abandoned, and the property is now on its third developer. The city is ready for something, anything, to go there. Well, maybe not anything, say the Walmartyrs.

And now opponents of the plan to put a Walmart in the project are asking to be added to the agenda at the next Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District meeting. Here's their letter:

The undersigned representatives of Stop Walmart Colorado request thirty (30) minutes at the October 4 CBHCD meeting, to make a formal presentation of our objections to tax increment financing for the 9th and Colorado development, as currently conceived; Walmart as anchor tenant; and the use of this prime site for a one-story retail center with luxury housing.

Over a thousand people have purchased our yard signs, asked to be on our e-mail list, and signed up to volunteer. Stop Walmart Colorado represents an important point of view in the matter of redeveloping 9th and Colorado. We would like to use PowerPoint and three presenters. We understand this means we make ourselves available for questioning,as proponents of the project have done.

We wish to present a coherent, systematic picture of the reasons for our opposition rather than the scattered one- and two- minute sound bites previously allowed to opponents. Limiting opponents to that format means that proponents are treated as having information to impart from the front of the room, while opponents are treated as having mere opinions to impart from what feels like the back of the bus. So far, proponents have controlled the story: he difference in the ways we have been allowed to present information is unfair.

At the same time, we do not seek to displace community comments for and against from the audience, and that is why we have asked for a limited amount of time.
Please respond to at your earliest convenience whether we will be given the time we request, so that we can prepare our presentation.

Thank you for your consideration and courtesy,


Lon Breslow, Patricia Madsen, Denis Moynihan, Lisa Haughom, Wendy Reoch, Louis Ruhlin, Julie Mahoney, Wayne Sirmins, Zoe Hamilton, David Felice, Vida Hughes, Mark Lesh and many others

Want to bet whether the courtesy will extend to actually giving the group time at the October 4 meeting? For a clue, here's a note that Mayor Michael Hancock recently sent a constituent concerned about a Walmart being built within six blocks of her home.

Continue to read the note from Mayor Michael Hancock.

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