Where's Mike Coffman? website targets congressman -- and his campaign hits back

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Mike Coffman.
Where's Mike Coffman? That's the question raised by a new site called, which accuses the reelection-seeking Republican congressman of being unresponsive to voters.

In response, Coffman's spokesman says the politician has been available at all kinds of public events -- and denounces the group behind the site for "dirty campaign tactics."

That organization is Colorado Fair Share, a local branch of the Fair Share Alliance, a liberal-leaning group that is going after Coffman, who currently represents Colorado's 6th district and is now fighting in a competitive race against Democrat Joe Miklosi because of the way the state's districts have been redrawn.

The site -- which says "Mike, oh Mike, where have you gone?" -- claims Coffman is completely inaccessible to his constituents. The home page states: "If you're just an ordinary voter from Aurora, chances are you've never met Mike unless you've attended one of his fundraisers." To bring home that message, the site shares numerous videos of Aurora residents staked outside of Coffman's home, calling his office trying to schedule meetings with him, showing up in person to his district office and more.

Here's one of the videos, in which a crowd of people shout, "Why are you ignoring us!" over and over as Coffman appears to be driving up to [correction] a fundraiser.

"If people go to his office with concerns, he ignores them," says David Bouchey, a volunteer with Fair Share Alliance who lives in Aurora. "He does, however, go to fundraisers all over the rest of the state.... He doesn't do anything where people from Aurora can get to him with their concerns."

Bouchey was one of several Aurora residents who actually went to Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention, partly with the hope of finally getting a chance to talk to Coffman in person.

Turns out Coffman decided to stay in Colorado.

"We have constantly tried to reach him," says Bouchey, 55, who used to be a stock analyst and is now unemployed. "He should know that I live in Aurora, the district he is trying to get elected to represent. No one there would talk to us. No one in Washington D.C. would talk to us."

Currently, Aurora is split between two districts -- part in Coffman's 6th district and part in Congressman Ed Perlmutter's district. But with redistricting, Coffman is now running to represent the entire city of Aurora -- and residents partnering with Colorado Fair Share are going after him, because he could now be their future representative.

Bouchey began targeting Coffman when he was concerned about losing his unemployment insurance, since he has been having difficult finding a job and is the father of three. He wanted to ask Coffman to extend unemployment insurance.

"This is the worst economic downturn we've had in decades," Bouchey says. "I've been trying to reach him personally."

The website went live yesterday and goes after Coffman not only for being unresponsive, but also for voting for the "Ryan/Romney budget that cuts taxes for the wealthy and ends Medicare as we know it."

Continue reading for the response from the campaigns of Mike Coffman and Joe Miklosi.

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He's at the Diamond Cabaret w/ Dealin' Doug & Jake Jabbs ....


So Coffman is going to mingle with the 1% at this gathering?  That sure looks like a middle class home to me.  You can see how close all the homes are as that old Buick pulls up.  That sure looks like middle class suburbia to me... and everyone else who lives in a similar subdivision.


Let's face it, this video featured a lot of PAID protestors, whose goal is to create a lot of You Tube videos making it look like they are more than 1% of the district population themselves.  I seriously doubt many of them lived in the 6th CD, or even knew the boundaries of that congressional district.  I'm sure most of those younger faces are now back on their respective college campuses.  They would be much more credible if they turned up at Rep. Diana DeGette's office to have a heart-to-heart chat about term limits... but that is not what they are paid to do.


Coffman is part of the 1%?  Times must be tough then.  That's a thirteen year old Buick he driving.  I know because my mom has one just like it.


This protest group actually sent some of their members to Tampa without checking first to see if Coffman was going?  This is why I don't give money to such organizations.  Colorado Fair Share doesn't seem to be very bright.


@SamTLevin that website is amazing

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