Where's Mike Coffman? website targets congressman -- and his campaign hits back

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In a statement, Owen Loftus, Coffman's campaign spokesman, criticizes Fair Share and Coffman's opponent, Joe Miklosi:

Congressman Coffman prides himself as being open and available to meet with his constituents and has had dozens of public events over the summer, including forums, meet-and-greets, town halls, parades, roundtables and meetings with civic organization like the Veterans of Foreign Wars across the district, including in his home town of Aurora. This organization has already been called-out by national press for their dirty campaign tactics. We are not going to allow Joe Miklosi and his allies intimidate the congressman and his family by stalking, showing up at their home, hiding in bushes and harassing their neighbors. These extreme tactics are desperate, irresponsible and unprecedented in Colorado politics.

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Ryan Hobart, a campaign spokesman for Miklosi, the Democratic challenger, reacts with a statement of his own, stressing that Miklosi is not connected to the website. But he still uses the opportunity to take a swipe at Coffman:

Our campaign had nothing to do with this website, but it is no surprise people want to ask Mike Coffman about his extreme record that includes voting for the Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it and supporting a ban on abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

Loftus tells us that his statement and the mention of "national press" is in reference to Politico articles on "candidate tracking," one which includes mention of Colorado Fair Share's campaign targeting Coffman.

In a phone interview, he says, "The fact that they say the congressman isn't available to the public, that's just ludicrous. He prides himself on being open and available to constituents."

Loftus also criticizes Fair Share's tactics: "They hide in front of the congressman's house. They harass his neighbors.... What they want us to do is have an event that is for them. We are not gonna have an event for an extreme liberal special interest group."

He adds: "We are not gonna let these people try to intimidate Congressman Coffman and his family and his neighborhood.... Colorado voters deserve a campaign that is respectful and that's what we are going to give them."

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He's at the Diamond Cabaret w/ Dealin' Doug & Jake Jabbs ....


So Coffman is going to mingle with the 1% at this gathering?  That sure looks like a middle class home to me.  You can see how close all the homes are as that old Buick pulls up.  That sure looks like middle class suburbia to me... and everyone else who lives in a similar subdivision.


Let's face it, this video featured a lot of PAID protestors, whose goal is to create a lot of You Tube videos making it look like they are more than 1% of the district population themselves.  I seriously doubt many of them lived in the 6th CD, or even knew the boundaries of that congressional district.  I'm sure most of those younger faces are now back on their respective college campuses.  They would be much more credible if they turned up at Rep. Diana DeGette's office to have a heart-to-heart chat about term limits... but that is not what they are paid to do.


Coffman is part of the 1%?  Times must be tough then.  That's a thirteen year old Buick he driving.  I know because my mom has one just like it.


This protest group actually sent some of their members to Tampa without checking first to see if Coffman was going?  This is why I don't give money to such organizations.  Colorado Fair Share doesn't seem to be very bright.


@SamTLevin that website is amazing

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