Zachary Sare murdered near home on 24th birthday (32)

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Big photos below.
On Saturday, the wall on Zachary Sare's Facebook page began filling up with best wishes for his 24th birthday.

Shortly thereafter, however, the posts took on a tragic character. That's because Sare was killed that evening in an incident that's being investigated as a homicide.

There aren't a lot of photos on Sare's page, but several of those that appear feature him clowning around. Here's an example:

zach sare facebook 2.jpg
There's also this portrait, which we've cropped....

zach sare facebook 3.jpg
...and numerous shots of him posing with children. Like this one:

zach sare facebook 1.jpg
A far grimmer portrait is painted by the Denver Police Department, whose reps have released only scant information thus far about the incident that led to Sare's death. According to the DPD, officers were called to 1160 South Navajo Street at around 9:40 p.m. Saturday in regard to a reported shooting. When they arrived, they found a man later identified as Sare suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The Denver coroner's office subsequently revealed that Sare had died as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest. "The manner of death is homicide," the office's notice concludes.

Thus far, Denver police say there's no suspect description available. However, one post on Sare's Facebook wall adds a key detail. It reads in part, "It's even worse because your killer threw away the weapon so now he's loose again. This is such a screwed up situation. I hope they get him one day."

Other expressions of grief are heart-rending. Take this one:

Tears run down my face as i don't know what to say..... i miss you every day<------ i will miss the kicking it...bullshitting it.... talking shit.... since i met you 5 years ago... its been a non-stop let me into your life & your whole family excepted me from the go.... i know God has a plan & that we will DeFENITLEY see each other again....i rejoice knowing your in a better place, but i wish you would of warned me that you no longer needed this place<---- THAT GOD WAS CALLING YOU HOME... so~ I LOVE YOU ZACH LEE SARE~my brother from another mother... **R.I.P.** till we meet again!!!!

And this one:

Zach... no one can explain the impact you have made on so many lives and touched so many souls. You were by far one of the most unselfish people one could have the pleasure in meeting. Your witty sense of humor and goofy self kept people laughing even on their worst days! Though you were taken from our lives far too early I will always remember all the great times we all shared together as kids on Webster and all the crazy great times as adults. You will forever be in my heart and soul! I love n miss u! R.I.P Zachariah!

Still, the most emotional post has to be the one from Sare's mother, whose words are as simple as they are tragic. She writes:

Happy Birthday My son RIP your mom will always love You I will miss You very much Love mom

The page notes that services for Sare will take place at noon Friday, September 14, at BridgeWay Church, 5201 East Warren.

More from our Mile High Murder archive: "Ten more unsolved Denver murders: Read victims' personal stories."

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The life you lead determines where your road ends. No one deserves this, however hopefully it wakes up those around him to get off the same path


Any clues or leads ? I'm curious which detective Denver assigned to this case .

This sometimes represents how serious Denver is taking the crime . The department

is short of detectives who can tell the difference between their face & assholes !!!!


@DirtMcGirt .... Not gonna happen, its not only a lifestyle, free will is a bitch, and most people believe, truly believe bad things happen to other people... I know a guy, goes by the name of bored stiff.... to this day has an old toothbrush wedged against his lower intestine, doctors tell him he'll be brushing more than twice daily.


@Juan_Leg Yes there taking this very important because him mom won't let them do anything else zac mom Tamy



 Listen sloth breath, did I ever tell you the best part of you was found in a brown stain on a mattress behind the homeless shelter or in your case, possibly even out back behind your trailer court.


@bored_stiff I do believe we've found a use for you after all stiffy.... get y'self a couple buckets of slobber and head on down to the enema factory. They've been waiting for you and your nose hairs for 3 days!

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