Reader: New York Times' snarky comments about 16th Street Mall on the money

Our Patricia Calhoun didn't think much of the New York Times' take on the 16th Street Mall's thirtieth birthday, marked by an event featuring an appearance by Mayor Michael Hancock, seen here.

However, another local endorsed the less-than-laudatory Times review.

mjmccarthy writes:

I lived in Brooks Towers for two years...the NY Times column was on the mark. When the Westword's piece came out...I thought have these folks ever left the city....the 16th Mall...literally needs hundreds of billions of dollars worth of revamping to make it a top city contender. AND here I put my two cents in toward that accord.

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RobertChase topcommenter

I don't know how I missed the original, but thanks for the link to the NYT article.  The Mayor is getting some of the coverage he craves, and I approve!  From the article:  "“This is our iconic image,” the mayor, Michael B. Hancock, said on Tuesday morning as he slipped on an “I ♥ 16th Street Mall” T-shirt. “It’s the heart and soul of our downtown. This really is our identity.”" -- if Denver had any inspiration or hope for its future, or if it did not want to become a national laughingstock, it would not have elected Hancock.  Denver's identity is represented by the 16th Street Mall?  How utterly pathetic!

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

 @RobertChase In any case, NYC is a disgusting armpit of a city.  Who cares what some dbag Times writer thinks?  Have you ever met a New Yorker who WASN'T an obnoxious asshole?

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