Alan Smith: Guilty plea in plan to drug friend so he could molest his young daughters

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alan smith mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photo below.
Today's nominee in the tightly contested "Worst Friend Ever" category is Alan Glen Smith, who has a very good chance of a hefty stretch in the hoosgow for one of the creepiest schemes in recent memory.

The plan is said to have involved drugging a pal so that he could sexually assault the man's underage daughters.

According to police and court records cited by the Weld County District Attorney's Office, Smith, 49, had what he apparently saw as such an impressive brainstorm that he decided to share it with his roommate -- a man identified in a June Greeley Tribune article as Dwayne Bouvia, 59.

To whit: Smith would invite another buddy and his two young daughters to his apartment, at which point he would slip the father something to knock him unconscious, thereby giving him the opportunity to have sex with the girls.

Seems there was one thing Smith didn't factor in, though: Bouvia called the Weld County Sheriff's Office and revealed the plot, giving WCSO reps the opportunity to conceive a sting operation. Before long, they'd set up what the DA's office describes as "an opportunity" for Smith to buy some Ambien, then busted him when he arrived at a Greeley Walgreen's with the intention of picking up the medication.

Smith was reportedly charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit sexual assault on a child, and one count of conspiracy to commit second-degree assault, and jailed on a $150,000 bond. Cut to this week and a guilty plea to a single crime -- conspiracy to commit sex assault on a child, a class-five felony.

His sentencing is set for December 3. No telling if any of his friends will attend.

Here's a larger look at Smith's booking photo:

alan smith mug shot.jpg
Alan Glen Smith.

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Try this at my house and I'll wear your ribcage for a hat 


I am glad the room mate had sence enough to call the cops


20 years in general pop and no PC! This would be a just sentence.


the bulk of pedos are white. Am not suprised here.


I certainly hope the roommate isn't a convicted felon . If so , they haven't got anything more than the dope charges ..


 @Juan_Leg Not to worry, my friend.  Even if he's not specifically convicted of the attempted sexual assault legally speaking you can rest assured that he will be convicted by a "jury of his peers" in the prison system when word gets around why he really landed there.

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