Aurora theater shooting: Katie Medley among twelve new victims identified

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Twelve more people have been identified as victims of the July 20 Aurora theater shooting. Recently released court documents show that prosecutors are charging alleged shooter James Holmes with 24 more counts of attempted murder -- two for each new victim -- bringing the total charges against him to 166. Among the most notable new names: Katie Medley, wife of seriously wounded comic Caleb Medley, who gave birth to their son shortly after the attack.

The documents include the victims' names; their identities were previously redacted from paperwork released to the public. Their names are on view in the documents below.

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Katie and Hugo Medley.
There may be two more, as well. Documents show that prosecutors replaced two previously identified victims' names with different names, including that of Katie Medley's.

The documents don't indicate why prosecutors decided to delete the previous victims' names -- Jay Jenkins and Bonnie Kate -- and replace them. However, we previously reported that Bonnie Kate Pourciau may have been listed in the original charging document twice, once as Bonnie Kate and once as Bonnie Pourciau.

The released documents are the result of a ruling by Judge William Sylvester granting several media outlets' request to make public the names of victims and witnesses in the case. Some were already public: On July 30, Sylvester released a list of charges against Holmes, which included the names of seventy victims. At the time, Holmes was charged with 142 counts: 24 counts of murder, 116 counts of attempted murder, one count of possession of an explosive device and one sentence enhancer for a crime of violence.

In September, prosecutors added ten more charges and were granted permission to amend seventeen of the original 142 charges. However, victims' names were blacked out in the publicly released documents. We speculated that the amendments were to correct misspellings of victims' names, but information about the new charges was redacted.

In October, prosecutors added another fourteen counts of attempted murder and amended another five previous charges. Once again, victims' names weren't released.

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Katie, Hugo and the hospital staff.
At a court hearing on October 11, media lawyer Steve Zansberg noted the inconsistency. He also argued that while at least one victim suffered identity theft by a person who filed court motions under the victim's name, that's "far too speculative a concern to warrant blanket closure of all victim's names."

Prosecutors and defense attorneys objected to releasing the names, arguing at that hearing that the media was harassing victims. The defense also complained that dealing with media requests was taking time away from their work on the criminal case. Sylvester delayed ruling on the issue to give both sides a chance to file additional arguments.

Continue for more on both sides' arguments.

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