Austin Sigg charged as an adult in Jessica Ridgeway murder, Ketner Lake attack

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Update: There was virtually no doubt that district attorney Scott Storey would charge Austin Reed Sigg, seventeen, as an adult in the kidnapping and killing of Jessica Ridgeway, a ten-year-old Westminster girl. And so it has come to pass. Moments ago, the Colorado Judicial Department released a document confirming that Sigg has been charged as an adult with seventeen counts, including first-degree murder and sexual assault. See it below.

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Jessica Ridgeway.
The first eleven counts pertain to Ridgeway, who went missing on October 5 on the way to school; her body was found in an open-space area the following week. They include four variations on first-degree murder, plus three that fall under the category "crime of violence," two labeled as second-degree kidnapping, plus sexual assault on a child. The final count is robbery: Sigg is charged with stealing Ridgeway's backpack, which was later found in the community of Superior and proved to be an important clue leading to the arrest.

The other six charges relate to a May 28 assault attempt on a female jogger at Ketner Lake, not far from Jessica's home (or Sigg's) that investigators have linked to the Ridgeway case. Sigg is accused of attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree kidnapping, attempted sexual assault and three "crime of violence" items, with one of them noting Sigg's alleged use of a dangerous weapon -- a "chemical mixture" intended to render the victim unconscious.

One other item of note: The charges were put forward under a procedure known as "direct file." As our Alan Prendergast wrote in a March post on the subject, "Colorado is one of only four states in which district attorneys have enormous discretion to prosecute offenders in the fourteen-to-seventeen age range in adult court without a judicial hearing on the issue" via direct file.

Look below to see the charging document, followed by our previous coverage.

People v Austin Sigg Charging Document

Continue to see our previous coverage, including photos and videos.

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Jake Stella
Jake Stella

wait so he actually did it? whers the evidence i must review it haha jk fuck that fagget

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If those under 18 are to be held responsible as an "adult" ... they should be granted the rights and privileges of being an adult.


Ipso facto.


I'm just glad they got him before anyone else was hurt.  How tragic for his family but hopefully it will give the Ridgeway family, who has suffered incomprehensible devastation, some peace.

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