Cycling: Top twelve intersections for bike-vehicle crashes in Denver

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There are a lot more bikes sharing the road with cars in Denver, which has created an increasing number of conflicts and collisions on the street. We wrote about the worst crash of 2012 in this week's feature, "On a Roll," which explores the growth of Denver as a bike city. Here, we give you the twelve worst intersections for bike-vehicle crashes in Denver over roughly the last decade.

We recently took an in-depth look at how crashes have been increasing and who is at fault. But where in the city are the crashes happening most frequently? This is an important question to cycling advocates, who emphasize that better infrastructure for cyclists is one of the best ways a city can increase safety and limit conflicts and crashes on the road.

As part of our reporting for the feature, we connected with Krista Nordback, a researcher with the University of Colorado Denver who studies bike safety. In her dissertation, she analyzed bike safety and crashes locally -- and combed through Denver data to identify the worst spot for bike-vehicle crashes. As part of this effort, she identified the top intersections for crashes over a seven-year period, from 2003 to 2009. Below are the top ten spots for crashes -- although it's worth emphasizing that the data stops at 2009, and the city has greatly expanded its bike infrastructure since then.

Nordback sent us the top intersections for downtown that had five or more crashes, as well as the top ones citywide that had six or more. We've put them all in one list, with additional downtown or citywide info at the bottom.

12. Broadway and 8th Avenue: Five crashes

Broadway and 8th Avenue.jpg

11. Broadway and 14th Avenue: Five crashes

Broadway and 14th Avenue.jpg

10. Lincoln Street and 18th Avenue: Five crashes

Lincoln St and 18th Avenue.jpg

9. Federal Boulevard and West 32nd Avenue: Six crashes

Federal and 32nd Avenue.jpg

Continue for the rest of the list and the breakdown in Downtown Denver.

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David Mintzer
David Mintzer

I would just like to point out that CDOT recently replaced the bridge at Kalamath and Alameda which is the most dangerous intersection in Denver for cyclists. With this 40 million dollar project, they made absolutely no accommodation for biker safety. In fact by widening the road and increasing traffic speed, it is more dangerous now than it was in 2009. This is a major access point to the platte river trail (the only one for a mile in either direction) so no wonder there are so many accidents.

Firefighter Blane
Firefighter Blane

I've ran mulitple bike vs car calls. Almost always it's a driver who isn't paying attention

Enrique Jimenez
Enrique Jimenez

Almost got run over yesterday at a 4 way stop near Sloan's Lake. The driver didn't see that I was turning left even though I took the lane.

Jordan Nicole Montoya
Jordan Nicole Montoya

Broadway and 14th is not surprising. I see a bicyclist almost daily go through a red light.

Patty Leidy
Patty Leidy

the other day as I was turning on my light a nutjob blazed thru the red light he had and looked at me like I was int he wrong..i was near tempted to follow him and explain the traffic laws apply to everyone.. I look out for bikes but who can stop an accident with its an ass either behind the wheel or handlebars

Bradley Langston
Bradley Langston

I am always on the lookout for cyclists because they are always blowing through stop lights and signs.

Travis Burns
Travis Burns

denver's traffic is dangerous.. i stopped working as a bike courier in the mid 1990's because I had seen, & I had my own accounts of bad luck with bad traffic in colorado.

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