Bike rage?: Cyclist injured by barbed-wire trap on South Platte Trail

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platte river trail.jpg
Along the trail.
The woman was wearing a helmet and bicycle gloves at the time, Ferber says. "Her protective gear was so important in this instance."

Police officials are investigating the matter and are already following up on some calls they have received from local residents, some of whom believe they saw people who may have been involved, Ferber says. Additionally, police are organizing patrols with South Suburban Parks and Recreation.

Because there is a lot of traffic on the trail, it's likely the wire was put up fairly shortly before the woman collided with it. After the crash, Ferber says, Carpenter was helped by nearby cyclists, and in the process, the wire was discarded. For that reason, investigators have not seen the wire and are not sure exactly of its exact description.

If individuals are apprehended, they could face a range of charges, from reckless endangerment, to assault, to criminal mischief, Ferber adds.

In the meantime, "we really want to encourage people to continue to use [the trail]," Ferber says. "I would say this is isolated."

Here's a 9News report on the incident.

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As long as they stick to their trails and paths, fine. Just stay away from the roads, there`s 15 million tons of metal zooming along and still you see these idiots desperatly trying to convince everyone else that this is their right, if they want to be an organ donor then that is their right and no one can tell them to get of the frikkin road!


I doubt this is any kind of 'bike rage' that everyone is up in arms about - it was probably just some kids having fun. Hell I "knew" some kids who threw one of those huge wooden spools in the road in an early Saturday morning and watched some drunk careen right into it ruining his / her nice car . Although.... watching grown ass adults in child like rages and fights over what is THE supreme way to commute is hilarious. I say someone out there continue in these fuel builders so we can really watch some adult tears be shed!


@DowntownDTown Why? WHY?

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @Dekj Thanks for weighing in, Dekj. Much appreciated.


@monben because people are jerks... I guess. Or maybe there is some kinda horrible misunderstanding (please, say so!) Makes my skin crawl...

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