Debate 2012: Fifty reasons debate visitors should wish they live in Denver

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The first presidential debate at the University of Denver is mere hours away, and media and visitors are flooding into town for the big event. But there are plenty of reasons Denver should be in the spotlight the other 364 days per year.

Fifty, at least.

Which is why we've brushed off, spruced up and updated (a little) our 2010 list "50 reasons we're glad we live in Denver and not the United States." It's a reminder that the Mile High City is a great place whether the eyes of the nation are on us or not. Count down the top fifty below.

50. What other city has a blue, badass horse of the apocalypse greeting people at the airport...

49. ...Which just happens to have inspired conspiracy theories even the-world-is-going-to-end-in-2012 believers probably think are twisted?

48. Dive bars galore.

47. Even terrorists who live here would rather attack somewhere else...

46. We're only a short drive away from historic gambling towns -- where you can still gamble.

45. The town hero isn't ready to let the football team go down without a fight.

44. There are plenty of attractive, available people who are fit enough to do anything you can imagine -- if you're consenting adults, that is.

43. The shit-stompin' National Western Stock Show and Rodeo!

42. Pimped-out pedicabs!

41. If Lindsay Lohan violates her parole, we know it before anyone.

40. Every day is like the Great American Beer Festival.

39. Home of Tom Cat condoms.

Continue for more of the fifty reasons debate visitors should wish they live in Denver year round.

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Gerard LaRue
Gerard LaRue

Laughing at the douchebag East Coast and Texas transplants who act like they're native-born.

Sean Guerrero
Sean Guerrero

i like living in Dnever cuz I can buy a pair of folding brakets

Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

Superior pedicabs! Awesome art scene! Hot music variety!

Philip Fick
Philip Fick

The weather, clean,nice people,low crime, and views of the mountains.

Kim Daub
Kim Daub

Too many things to list about what makes Denver great. But my top 3 HATES about Denver 1. BSL - in such a pet loving area, banning of breeds is BS, 2. Traffic/Road Construction - I can't recall a time when 25/70 weren't torn up and bogged down with traffic. #3 - Agree with the panhandling statement from above.

Jeremy Hull
Jeremy Hull

Why would we want politicking wankers here?

Jeff Wallner
Jeff Wallner

That's it, I'm hopping on a plane and watching the debate at Wynkoop. Thanks.

Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy

If they have yet to see a panhandler or the homeless firsthand in small town America....boy do we got it.

Jeff Wallner
Jeff Wallner

I don't live in Denver, but my favorite thing about visiting there is summed up in one word ... beer!

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