Debate 2012 drinking game and fallacy bingo: Get informed, get blitzed, or both!

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Games below.
Planning to watch Denver's first-ever presidential debate tonight? Getting together with friends and family to do it? Well, here are a couple of suggestions that could make the evening livelier no matter who emerges from the talk-fest with the best reviews: a presidential debate drinking game and "Debate Fallacy Bingo."

How do you play? Glad you asked.

The website has all the details about how to make the debate go quicker with liquor. First, choose a candidate. Then take a drink -- you decide how much is too much -- every time your guy says a key word.

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Photo by Sam Levin
Obama in Golden.
Here's the suggested list for President Barack Obama:



Let me be clear




General Motors

Middle Class



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Photo by Sam Levin
Romney in Jefferson County.
And here are the approved terms for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney:

16 trillion



My friend

Job Creators

716 billion


Private Sector



Other details about the game are on the website -- and for those of you who lose count, the Twitter account will be keeping score in real time.

Less interested in getting sloshed, but still want to play along at home? Then Debate Fallacy Bingo may be for you.

Continue for game cards and rules for Debate Fallacy Bingo.

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Kingsley Robson
Kingsley Robson

would have played out much better with R$ saying middle class - you'd be TRASHED!

The_Yeti_Knows 1 Like

Here's another idea... every time someone dies in a DUI related collision or some ahole goes home drunk and beats his wife and kids..... shove a ball point pen all the way up each nostril.

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