Debate 2012: Ten things you don't know about the University of Denver

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Magness Arena at the University of Denver, site of the debate.
3. DU students travel
A walk across DU's campus can feel like a visit to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, with a mishmash of cultures, languages and overheard travel stories bandied about constantly. Indeed, DU welcomes many foreign nationals to study there, but just as important, the school sends its own Pioneers abroad. "Where'd you go this summer?" is a frequently asked conversation-starter heard every fall. And the answers are typically enviable, with a full 70 percent of undergraduates leaving the country annually, as of 2010.

2. DU people invent stuff
The next time you feel your nerves coursing with nerd-juice, take a gander at Google Patents. There you'll find all manner of odd creations, many of which have been made by University of Denver folks. What sort of inventions have come from the minds of Pioneers? For starters, there is a patent for electric-heated clothing for diabetics. Then there is a newfangled hockey net, for which a patent was assigned to DU. And lastly there is DU grad Charles Winter, who may or may not have invented the "boot" used to immobilize cars worldwide. (Note: DU's website conflicts with other sources, most of which say one Frank Marugg, a former Colorado Symphony Orchestra violinist, invented the boot.)

1. DU has a better nightlife scene than any other Colorado university
What you gonna do about it, Boulder?

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i've got another one for you: Benjamin Netanyahu's father used to teach in the Center for Judaic Studies at DU, about the same time that Dr. Korbel was at DU. (and I was once told by a professor who knew "Benny" when he was a kid that he was a brat).


 @Anonymous Yeah, I remember reading something about that -- he died recently, right? Damn. Wish I'd included it. Thanks for the input.

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