Photos: Hate, love, chaos and spin before and after Denver debate 2012

Next to Hendricks, a group of DU students said they were there to make their support of Romney loud and clear.

"It's kind of inspiring just to see so many young people and students come out here to support," said Jessica Herring, eighteen.

DU students, Romney supporters.JPG
Sam Levin
DU supporters.
"It's overwhelming," added her friend Natalie Bell, eighteen.

Austin Metsch, another eighteen-year-old student, said he came because he didn't have much else to do. "It's something to do and I think he should be president."

He added, "Everyone is getting nice and rowdy."

"Mitt's the tits!" he shouted as he walked back into the crowd.

Some of the Romney supporters heckled a passerby with an Obama shirt, yelling at her, "Do you want to be Europe? No! This is America!"

Obama signs.JPG
Sam Levin
Obama supporters.
John Hopper, 45, who lives in Denver, added, "The energy is fabulous here."

Standing on the Romney side, he shouted, "We are obviously outnumbering them," just as a blue Obama/Biden sign came flying toward him in the wind and hit him.

He brushed it to the ground, crumpled it and stepped on it.

"Do you have a place for trash?" he asked a nearby DPD officer.

She did not.

John Hopper, Romney supporter.JPG
Sam Levin
John Hopper.
Continue for more of the debate fever on campus and more photos.

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