Denver presidential debate memes perfect for master debaters

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du debate memes cropped.jpg
Big memes below.
This past February, we introduced you to the DU Meme page, where University of Denver types declared comedy war on everyone. We checked in at the page earlier today, and sure enough, the memers had some memorable takes on tonight's presidential debate at DU.

Look below to see samples from the site (and a few other random sources).

du debate meme 3.jpg

du debate meme 2.jpg

du debate meme 4.jpg

du debate meme 7.jpg
Continue for more presidential debate memes.

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Kenny Nordell
Kenny Nordell

How did Mitt trample Obama? What little policy he brought forth was a complete turnaround on previous assertions. Unbelievable, people and their inability to analyze facts

Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill

Obama is speaking at Sloans Lake this morning....

Courtney Washburn
Courtney Washburn

I thought Mitt brough his A game and I am proud to watch him trample the president in a debate just 5 miles from my house. I also thought it was a touch awkward to have westword staff accounts openly taking a political side and very unprofessionally slamming the opposition with childish remarks. I thought that is what their personal accounts were for. I guess I am left to believe that the Westword is loudly a democratic paper that mocks Romney supporters during debates. Food for thought Westword.

Chad Hill
Chad Hill

Denver looked like it always does, all kinds of cool and a warm reception for Mitt.

Scott Amelang
Scott Amelang

Denver--Outstanding---Mitt--Fantasic....Rock on R & R..!!

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