Reader: Gary Johnson vote is about making history, not helping Romney

Gary Johnson.
Sam Levin's Q&A with Gary Johnson drew a huge response from readers hungry to learn more about the Libertarian candidate for president. A number of those sharing their thoughts rejected the suggestion that marking a ballot for Johnson is either a wasted vote or a de facto boost to Republican Mitt Romney. Here's an example.

gomusicgo writes:

A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama?

A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, because not a damn thing will change if Romney wins. If you want an non-obligated choice, Gary Johnson 2012.

Is that throwing your vote away? Absolutely not.A 5%+ voting bloc in November, elevates the LP to major party status. We will have 3 major parties next time, which could be a huge game changer, even historical.

Use your vote to make history!

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Mitt Romney thanks all Johnson supporters for their vote.




Mitt Romney is no different from Barack Obama.  I'm not voting for Romney.  We need to send a message that the Libertarian Party is here to stay.


Either run a true conservative, or run a true Libertarian.  But I'm not throwing my vote away on Romney.


Gary Johnson 2012!    Let's send a message.


let's start by voting out any congressional so called rep who voted for Patroit act,Ndaa 1021

etc etc. Anyone who votes to take our rights away does not represent any of us.

Peace to all

Gary Johnson 2012 or 2016

Stephen Schweter


If you can't stomach either of the major candidates than you should feel obligated to vote for Johnson as a protest vote and, as the commenter said, help the possibility of a more substantive political discourse next cycle.  If you don't vote at all then you have no right to complain about direction of the country.


On a side note your votes for house and senate representatives have much more affect on the legislation and budget decisions ahead than who becomes president.  The POTUS does not write the laws or budgets.  Their only role in legislation is to make recommendations to the congress, and the ability to threaten to veto legislation sent to him.


I'm not saying the president has no influence, but the average voter grossly overestimates presidential ability to directly affect many domestic issues.

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