Photo: Denver Cruisers take over shut-down I-25

I-25 no cars image, DCR.jpg
Courtesy of Brad Evans
I-25 without cars yesterday
Brad Evans, founder of the Denver Cruisers, sent us this photo last night of 1-25 shut down to cars -- which didn't stop him and some cyclists from using the highway. He wrote to us, "Who says we can't live without interstate transportation? Within 20 minutes this photo had 600 likes on the Denver Cruiser Fan Page! ... This is probably the first and last time I'll ever be able to ride bikes on I-25 without being killed!"

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Thank you Mr. Evans for the creative idea & sharing the photos .

Could I have taken out a go-kart ? I'll remember this for next time !

RobertChase topcommenter

Scofflaws!  If Occupy Denver had invaded the sanctity of the Interstate when it was closed for the safety of the candidates, they would have died in a hail of pepper bullets.

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