James Graves, sex offender, burglarizes home to steal photo of twelve-year-old girl

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james graves mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photo below.
James Graves has reportedly admitted to burglarizing a Grand Junction home and taking only one item -- a photo of a twelve-year-old girl.

What makes this strange tale considerably creepier? The 29-year-old Graves is a sex offender who was convicted a couple of years ago in a case involving...a twelve-year-old girl.

This story comes to us from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, which reports that back in June 2009, Graves was rooming with the father of a twelve-year-old daughter then staying at the home of her grandmother. And that's where he was arrested at about 3 a.m. on June 24, after allegedly trying to break open the window of the bedroom where the girl was sleeping.

This action earned Graves five years of sex-offender-specific probation after he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual exploitation of a child and trespassing. However, the treatment appears not to have stuck, given what happened earlier this month.

On October 12, the Sentinel notes (citing an arrest affidavit), a woman contacted police after noticing that a framed photo of her twelve-year-old daughter wearing a soccer uniform was missing from its usual spot in her living room. In looking into this complaint, the cops discovered that Graves had been living just a few doors down from the house in question but had recently moved -- and when questioned a few days later about the missing keepsake, he's said to have admitted breaking into the place and swiping it.

Graves didn't know the girl, he told an investigator, but he had seen her outside washing a car. When asked if he snagged the photo (which he insisted he'd subsequently discarded) because he was attracted to her, he's quoted as replying, "Yeah, I suppose so.... You could say that."

Evidence that he was telling the truth was found on his computer, which featured a video of the twelve year old marked by close-ups of the "girl's privates," to quote the paper. Also stored there were more than fifty photos of children characterized as sexually exploitative.

These actions led to Graves's arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor theft, second-degree burglary and, for good measure, failure to register as a sex offender. Look below to see a larger version of his booking photo.

james graves mug shot.jpg
James Graves.

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Isn't he Iceprick's wing man ???


He looks like one of Romney's sons , following a circumcision by fire ...

RobertChase topcommenter

The upshot of this disturbing article is that the system correctly deals with James Graves as a sex offender, even though he committed no sexual offense.  Does it do us any good to convict people for what they are thinking as opposed to what they do?  Accepting the judgement that Graves has perverse motivations for his crimes, the substance of those crimes is not sexual:  breaking-and-entering, trespassing, or burglary can warrant keeping people locked away.  No useful purpose is served by charging people with offenses dependent upon motivations difficult or impossible to prove, and despite the fact that the system's intimidation worked (or, far less likely, that Graves was convicted at trial), Graves has committed another apparently similarly motivated, but essentially non-sexual crime.  Make sex offenses about sex, and not about motivations!  Here is a repeat burglar; deal with him accordingly.


 @RobertChase<----- Hire this man already . He should be getting paid as much as he contributes to this publication ....

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