Readers: James Holmes murders shouldn't take away community's theater

Our post about Aurora Century 16 owner Cinemark asking a court to toss lawsuits by theater shooting victims prompted a debate about whether reopening the venue is a good idea.

Here are thoughts from someone who thinks it is.

bafrederickcmb writes:

I get that people would want to rip it down and build a memorial there, but by doing so we're acting as if their victimization is any different than any of the other murders that happen in the nation. I see kayleigh94 says she works in the Aurora Mall -- and I'd be hard pressed to think that she knows how many people have been killed in or around that mall since it's been opened. Do you see any memorials? How come these 13 [sic] are going to be memorialized when we very rarely even see flowers out on the street corners of slain individuals from the same kind of senseless crimes? Bottom line is that it is private property and they can do with it what they choose. It was a popular theater so why allow one man's insane crime ruin it for the community? There doesn't have to be a room 9 -- out of respect, and a small remembrance plaque wouldn't be at all tacky -- which is what I assume the owners will do -- but to say that the land has to be thrown into defunctness for only 13 murders is pretty inane. Unless of course we start a campaign to make memorials for everyone who has been and will be murdered senselessly around the Denver-metro area. Perhaps the families of the movie theater victims will donate their fund money to make this happen? Because victims of other senseless crimes rarely have the luxury of having strangers hand them money so it would only be fair.

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Ya sorry I meant 12 murders. So much for quick responses. And Robert - how is it that there murders are any different? I can remember long ago before any of the renovations that happened people got shot and/or killed in that area - yes even IN the mall - plenty. (Though shootings do often times still happen there) Why is it we don't see memorials there? You can try to pull your second amendment rhetoric into the conversation, but quite frankly it doesn't fit and you look like a fool much like you always do. Bottom line is that we shouldn't try and make these murders any different from the dozens that happen all the time . Corporate this and corporate blah blah that. If it weren't for corporations and their money you wouldn't have a computer to spout your agenda and we wouldn't have movies to enjoy, so again, your point isn't taken. It's a place that kids hang out at. Therefore. A community staple. 

RobertChase topcommenter

The author's assumption that the mass-murders in Aurora were no different from any other victimization is mistaken, but it is consistent with true believers' strenuous efforts to reconcile  the Second Amendment with the realities of our post-industrial nation, teeming with millions of non-pioneers and almost one gun for every person (though as with the nation's wealth, those guns are very unevenly distributed).  The Century 16 is not the community's theater; just another property of a large corporation, and if it closes, people can see exactly the same offerings of lousy movies at other outlets nearby.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @bafrederickcmb Thanks for adding this to the post we highlighted above. Much appreciated, bafrederickcmb.

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