Ed Perlmutter camp highlights "fishy" mailer from CoorsTek, former Joe Coors company

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Ed Perlmutter.
As President Obama and Mitt Romney argue about who is a better job-creator, a heated congressional race between incumbent Ed Perlmutter and challenger Joe Coors has also zeroed in on jobs and alleged outsourcing. The latest tiff centers on a mailer from a former Coors company that Perlmutter's team is deeming "fishy." But Coors campers say they, like Perlmutter, knew nothing about the literature until they saw it in the mail.

Perlmutter, the Democratic incumbent for the District 7, first noticed the mailer from CoorsTek when one showed up at his door.

CoorsTek, a ceramics business formerly called Coors Porcelain Company, recently sent out the mailer, which -- at the height of election season in a race where millions of dollars are being spent on ads -- certainly looks similar to political propaganda.

Here's the mailer, first highlighted by Colorado Pols and sent to us by the Perlmutter campaign.

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It says, in part:
For more than 100 years, CoorsTek has been owned and operated in Golden, CO. During this time, our thousands of US-based workers have been providing amazing products to more than 10,000 customers around the world. Our products help protect our troops, create affordable energy and make computers faster and smaller. And, as a Colorado-based company, we take pride in the $54M we've invested in Colorado jobs this past year. "Made in the USA" is alive, well and thriving in Colorado.
The mailer seemed odd to the Perlmutter campaigners, because it appears to be a direct response to their accusations that Coors, as the president and CEO of CoorsTek, outsourced manufacturing jobs to Asia. (The Perlmutter team has pointed to the opening of facilities in Korea, while Coors has said the company set up operations overseas to remain globally competitive but did not sacrifice any American jobs).

While the mailer, which points to a website called, seems to be addressing one of the key debates that have emerged in the race, it does not have any political disclaimers. For that reason, it isn't clear what connection it might have to the Coors campaign.

"This close to election, it walks a fine line," says Perlmutter spokeswoman Leslie Oliver. "The a little fishy, the fact that the website points to a political commercial...and that, to our knowledge, this only went to people that happen to live in the Seventh Congressional District.... It was a surprise [to Ed] to open the mailbox and see, as far as he can remember, the first...mailer from CoorsTek."

With regard to the commercial, Oliver is referring to a link on the CoorsTek jobs website connecting to a fact-check from Channel 4's Shaun Boyd, who noted in her analysis of the ad that most major companies have operations in other parts of the world, and said CoorsTek's business overseas was not tied to a loss of jobs in the U.S.

Continue for the full response from the Coors campaign and CoorsTek.

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