Ed Perlmutter camp highlights "fishy" mailer from CoorsTek, former Joe Coors company

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While the mailer and associated website appear to be a direct response to Perlmutter, the literature was apparently a surprise to the Coors campaign, which argues that it had no part in it.

Ed Perlmutter, left, Joe Coors, right.jpeg
Sam Levin
Ed Perlmutter, left, and Joe Coors, second to right, at a recent congressional debate.
"We learned of this as people brought the mailer to our office," says Coors spokeswoman Michelle Yi. "We had no knowledge of it. We didn't ask them to do that.... There was absolutely no coordination between the campaign and CoorsTek."

Still, Oliver says it's telling that this kind of material is reaching voters in the district so close to Election Day.

"Ed is standing for creating jobs in our country. Joe's record is creating jobs in other countries," she says, noting that Perlmutter appreciates the jobs and work of CoorsTek here in Colorado, but believes his opponent should be called out for personally having a stake in overseas operations.

In a contentious race where much of the focus has been on Coors' record in business and his personal spending, it's not too surprising that one of the final back-and-forth arguments of the election is focused on Coors' former company.

From the Republican campaign's perspective, it's a cheap shot, and one not based in fact.

"CoorsTek is a...[an important] employer in Jefferson County. It's unfortunate to see Ed Perlmutter attacking Joe Coors over these false allegations of outsourcing. But the bottom line is, we had no knowledge...of the mailer," says Yi.

But Oliver says Coors' weak record is further evidenced by his massive personal spending in the race.

"He's trying to buy the title of job creator," she says.

The company itself calls the mailers a promotional effort and says it was done independently of the campaign for "business reputational purposes."

CoorsTek spokesman Dane Bartlett sent us this statement yesterday:

For over 100 years CoorsTek has been a proud employer in Colorado and like any other business, we are proud of our job creation record in the United States. In an effort to preserve and promote our good brand, CoorsTek distributed the mailer to our neighbors in and around Golden, Colorado.
Asked to confirm that the Coors campaign had absolutely no involvement in the mailer, he wrote back, "The decision to promote our brand was made by CoorsTek alone and for business reputational purposes."

Perlmutter, who made an appearance at a recent Obama campaign event in Lakewood featuring Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, said that his race remains a close one.

Ed Perlmutter at Obama, Jill Biden rally.JPG
Sam Levin
Ed Perlmutter at a Lakewood rally on Sunday with Jill Biden.
"I have a tough race -- you all know that. Joe Coors has put about 3.5 million dollars of his own money into this race already, but we are beating him," Perlmutter told supporters. "We've gotta keep it going. Every single vote counts."

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