Kid Rock joining Mitt Romney at Red Rocks: Will Colorado swing?

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Kid Rock.
You didn't need to listen to all the pundits dissect the presidential debate to know that Colorado is still a swing state. Just check traffic reports: Today, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will hold a rally at Red Rocks -- accompanied by Kid Rock. (This might be the only way Kid Rock could ever get a gig at Red Rocks.) And tomorrow, Barack Obama will be at City Park in Denver.

We're betting this won't be the last time the candidates visit this state before November 6, either.

But then, Colorado started out as a state full of swingers. As historian Tom Noel detailed in his recent Denver Post column, Colorado was admitted to the union on August 1, 1876 -- just in time to help elect Republican Rutherford B. Hayes president by a single electoral vote, even though he'd lost the popular count by 264,000 votes.

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Will Rock, Romney and Ryan harmonize here tonight?
Colorado had three electoral votes.

Democrats tried to overturn both Haye's election and Colorado's status as a state.

Wrote one New York newspaper editor, "There is something repulsive in the idea that a few handfuls of miners and reckless bushwhackers should have the same representation in the Senate as Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York."

Of course, this year Ohio is a swing state, too; and Pennsylvania has been wavering.

Hope those Easterners enjoy Kid Rock.

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Mormonism sure has changed.


Quoting Kid Rock:


Well I'm a' packin up my game and I'm a head out west

Where real women come equipped wit' scripts and fake breasts

Find a nest in the hills chill like flynt

Buy an old drop-top find a spot to pimp


Stoned pimp, stoned brew, stoned out of my mind

I once was lost but now I'm just blind


See a slimy in a vette Roll down my glass

And said "Yeah this dick fits right in yo ass"


No remorse for the sheriff and his eye ain't right

I'm a paint his town red Then I'm a' paint his wife white





Will Jenna Jameson be appearing as well ? How about Snookie ? Honey Boo-Boo ?


KidRock will help secure the white-trash vote for Mormon Mitt.


"will Colorado swing?" have you not seen recent polls? Colorado has already swung....

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