Laura McDermott hit and run: Police report says Dennis Esquibel admitted driving in fatal crash

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Last week, we reported about the arrest of Dennis Esquibel in the tragic hit and run that killed Laura McDermott. Shortly thereafter, Esquibel's mother claimed he wasn't actually driving at the time of the collision, while the police insisted otherwise. A copy of Esquibel's probable cause statement obtained after he was formally charged explains the cops' view. As seen in the document on seen below, he allegedly admitted he'd been behind the wheel.

The police report provides a few more details about the accident, which we detail in earlier coverage also included here. At one minute shy of 1 a.m. on September 23, Denver Police officers responded to the intersection of South Broadway and West Cedar Avenue. According to witnesses, McDermott had been crossing Broadway near the northern crosswalk when she was struck by a southbound vehicle traveling at an undetermined rate of speed -- although subsequent estimates suggest it may have been zooming at sixty miles per hour-plus. McDermott was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital, but she was pronounced dead just fifteen minutes later.

Folks on the scene described the car that took McDermott's life and then fled the scene as an older model sedan, likely a Toyota -- and parts recovered at the scene confirmed this supposition. The information was shared with the media as the investigation ramped up -- and before long, a Toyota with significant windshield damage was spotted in the area of 1300 South Jason Street.

dennis esquibel car discovered.jpg
The Toyota thought to have been used in the accident shortly after its discovery.
Three days later, an investigator quizzed Margaret Esquibel, the registered owner of the car, and she's said to have revealed her son, Dennis, and her girlfriends had been occupants of the vehicle on the fateful evening.

Dennis was tracked down to an address on the 4100 block of St. Paul Street and taken to the traffic investigation unit, the statement continues. No time is listed for this conversation, but according to the document, he was advised of his rights just after midnight on September 27 -- after which he allegedly admitted that he'd been the driver and his girlfriend was a passenger, contradicting a claim Margaret later made to 9News. The report also says Dennis told investigators he'd hidden the car and left the area on foot.

Esquibel has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and vehicular homicide-reckless -- felonies that carry a presumptive range of up to twelve years in prison, with the jolt potentially doubled if there are determined to have been aggravating circumstances. The bond: $100,000. He was scheduled to be in court today to be formally informed of the accusations against him.

Here's the probable cause statement.

Dennis Esquibel Probable Cause Statement

Continue for our previous coverage, including photos and videos.

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Hope you don't mind a concrete bench, stale powdered eggs, and plenty of rear entry..... maybe your lawyer has shares in astroglide, at least somebody benefits.... RIP to Laura.

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