Lawrence Scherer confesses to 1991 murder, then tries to un-confess

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Investigators needed proof to back up these claims. So they let him go after arranging for him to stop by for another chat later in the month. But Scherer, who is said to have been surprised about being cut loose ("At least I get this off my chest," a court record quotes him as saying), didn't return as promised. And that became an even bigger problem when officers concluded that he had indeed killed Alderman.

In response, New Mexico police put out a national missing persons bulletin in Scherer's name -- and last month, they got a hit. Scherer was picked up in Pueblo on a completely unrelated matter, and when the arresting officer ran his name, guess what popped up.

Problem solved? Not quite. Now, the station reports, Scherer denies that he confessed to killing Alderman, or even that he was in Santa Fe during May.

Sounds like he's got a case of confessor's remorse. Look below to see two KBQE packages -- the first when little was known about the arrest, and its more detailed sequel. That's followed by a larger look at his booking photo.

Colo. man faces murder charges in ABQ

Bizarre break in cold case murder

Lawrence Scherer mug shot.jpg
Lawrence Scherer.

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