Reader: Legalizing marijuana means revenue goes to pay district attorneys, not drug lords

Sean Azzariti.
William Breathes's profile of Sean Azzariti, a veteran who treats his PTSD with medical marijuana, has inspired plenty of shares in recent days. And it also sparked an extended message from one reader, who is frankly puzzled as to why the federal government continues to contend that weed has no medical purpose.

Cre8iveMMJ writes:

I find it harder and harder to believe that there are still people out there that think medical marijuana is a dangerous drug and should be classified as schedule 1 still. In this day and age, especially with the Internet, you would think that enough of the truth about cannabis prohibition and its hopeful re-legalization would be readily available and easily disseminated from all the lies and propaganda spread by the FED. In 1999, a patent was filed by the department of health and human services of the FED Gov that proved that a canabinoid found in cannabis actually shrinks and kills some cancer tumors. That in and of itself should take it off schedule 1. And the idea that it is highly addictive and has a very high potential for abuse should also be thrown out as there is absolutely no proof that there is any form of addiction to any of the components in cannabis. Sure, some people may THINK they are addicted, but take it away from even the most hardcore daily smoker and the most you get is a very pissed off individual because he cannot get high anymore. No withdrawal, no puking, no delirium tremens, no fever, no chills, no snot running everywhere, diarrhea, etc that you see with true addiction. Especially opiates which are only schedule 2 or 3 by the way. Also, if pot is so addictive as to be schedule 1, where are the news stories about the people robbing liquor stores or 7-11s for money to get their next "Fix" of cannabis. It is literally High time WE ALL came together and use our 2nd amendment rights to protect and defend our 20th amendment rights as guaranteed by the Colorado State Constitution and the US constitution. It is time for us to take back the money wasted by all the politicians over the past 70 years spent on this fake "War on Drugs." It has FAILED people. You cannot wage war on a plant that will grow almost anywhere and until you actually start targeting the demand for the drugs, you will never make a dent in the amount consumed by the US people. The money for cocaine goes either to the drug lords south of the border, or worse, into a lawyers pockets, a judges paycheck, the district attorney, the court clerk, the wardens, guards, etc that get their wage in part to cannabis being illegal.

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BackOffImStarving topcommenter

Why can't we just pass it and see what happens?  At the very least, we'll make headlines and people in other states will start to take it seriously.  If the consequences suck as much as the opponents say, then we'll go back to buying short bags of pretenda-kinds from the hippies with the dred locks and backpacks walking around on the Hill in Boulder.


well said , problem is we know this .

October 16 ASA challenges federal scheduling of Cannabis.

Right this moment people are demonstrating DEA raids at the Fed building downtown LA

Time to stand up for something1


It's cold and getting colder. Expect the weed market to be saturated with pre-mature outdoor weed in about a month. The court system and defense attorneys should get a big pay out through the coming months, and locals will have plenty of low cost/quality weed to chose from. That's what happens when we encourage mass production but only waive penalties for limited amounts. The best way to keep money in the hands of prohibitionists and profiteers is to allow limited amounts and package it as legalization, fooling the greedy into providing an easier target for law enforcement.

RobertChase topcommenter

Michael, take three deep breaths and read through the Comment of the Day again.  I can see how you were softened up by everything that came before it, but the last sentence:  "The money for cocaine goes either to the drug lords south of the border, or worse, into a lawyers pockets, a judges paycheck, the district attorney, the court clerk, the wardens, guards, etc that get their wage in part to cannabis being illegal", does not suggest that "Legalizing marijuana means revenue goes to pay district attorneys, not drug lords", from which one might infer that the author preferred sending money to district attorneys than drug lords, when he or she clearly does not want money to go to either, but especially not DAs, prison wardens, guards, and all the other apparatchiks of Prohibition!  Cre8iveMMJ says  that the money spent on cocaine is going either to drug lords, or to the same parasites that profit off of cannabis' illegality within society, which is true, though what should serve to summarize or draw conclusions instead begs the question of why cocaine is illegal, which did not seem to be the subject at the outset.  If Cre8iveMMJ meant to attack our policy of Prohibition of almost all recreational drugs, I agree.


Excellent !!!

I 'camped' on the bowl til I had read it to friends who had stopped by for a play date w/ Clyde and their Missy .

I honestly admit to learning more from the WW & their associated publications than I do any local or all other national media groups put together . If it weren't for IDIOTIC COLUMNS such as ,

"Ask a Mexican . " , perhaps these tight wad Republicans would take WW more seriously and NOT as the "Free paper" , next to the Onion ......


 @Monkey ITS here in LA shops. my buddy tried to save some money. 

20  1/8 of Grand Daddy purple , no purple picked too soon

. beasties!


 @Monkey You are already right . I picked up 1/2 lb for $900 & he did a switch out w/ what I test smoked .....



Chase , how can I send you an email ?

Get back to me , bud .


This does NOT include MLB or the NFL !

I know more about professional sports & their athletes , which if it weren't for gambling , would make me as big of a dumbass as Zapolo .......

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