Reader: Here's why kids sell marijuana at school and not alcohol

Our post about 60 Minutes' report on the Colorado medical marijuana scene inspired lots of conversation on a wide range of pot-related topics -- including the relative dangers of weed compared to alcohol.

Here's one reader's take.

Cannabis College writes:

All this because marijuana is don't see teenagers selling alcohol in school do you?? Oh wait, they don't have sell it, they can just go the fridge and get it from there.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

HipTip -- it will STILL BE ILLEGAL even if A64 passes.




i only buy marijuana from high school kids and they all want me to buy them alcohal


It sounds like you've never had an underage kid ask you to buy liquor for them at a liquor store. In high school we had to go about finding alcohol like everyone else: any way possible. If your parents let you drink alcohol from your fridge, it was a treat, but it also made them horrible parents if they were supplying on a regular basis. Kids don't sell booze at school because booze doesn't fit in a plastic bag in your pocket. Weed does. Booze is heavy. Weed is not. Drug dealing was so prevalent in fact that weed was more often than not easier to get than booze if that's what you were into. The economics of drug dealing and prohibition are complex at best, but if you think that kids are going to have easier access to pot once it's legal for adults you're in for a surprise.


 @thespot84 "It sounds like you've never had an underage kid ask you to buy liquor for them at a liquor store. "


I have not, but I remember back in the 80's trying that when I was underage.  The guy took my $20 and left out the back door of the grocery store.  I never saw him again.  


That's when I taught myself about homebrewing and became self-reliant.


A few months ago, my friend was walking into a dispensary and a kid hanging out front asked him to buy an eighth for him.  


My friend declined..not worth the risk.


 @kevin_hunt Ha. If you're responsible enough to make a decent brew under the age of 21 I think there should be an exception allowing you to drink it.


On a serious note though, I think you hit the nail on the head: "not worth the risk". Right now possession of marijuana is decriminalized, basically equating possession to a traffic ticket. Once the new regs - hopefully- take effect, it'll be completely legal, but supply that to a minor, and you're in for a world of hurt. The same goes for booze. I won't buy for a kid at a liquor store not because I'm morally opposed to underage drinking, but specifically because it's a felony.


Under a prohibition regime drug dealers sell to anyone. Do you think a guy dealing on a street corner asks for ID? Selling in and of itself constitutes the majority or entirety of the legal risk, so in the dealer's mind they've already weighed that risk against their prospective profits, so penalties for selling to minors won't make a difference.


If you make selling to minors the only crime, however, and the dealers - now dispensaries - have everything to lose and very little to gain from selling to minors, access will become more restricted.


There are going to be problems with these new regs, there's no doubt about it. But we're at a point where setting a trend in the bigger picture is far more important than getting everything right the first time, and the benefits to be gained from moving a tax and regulate policy far outweigh what costs may follow. I don't really even smoke, but I'm voting for 64 to send a message.

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