Medical marijuana dispensary review: Citi-Med in south Denver

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With nearby Serenity Moon pushed out of its location on University at Asbury earlier this year, Citi-Med is easily the closest medical marijuana center to the heart of the DU campus.

On that note, it was easily the closest legal place to buy marijuana near the debate yesterday -- although I doubt the prez or Mitt Romney noticed.


1640 East Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80210

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.
Marijuana prices: $25-$45/3.5 grams, depending on quality.
Online menu?: Yes.
Handicap-accessible?: Yes.

Citi-Med is in a small strip center on Evans that has served for years as a second cafeteria to DU students,with the original Chipotle on one end and Anthony's Pizza on the other. It's also just a block from the world-famous Jerusalem restaurant -- the only reason I find myself near DU anymore.

The location means the store is likely to get a lot of student walk-in traffic. At least that's the impression I got after seeing the DU swag hung up on the waiting room walls -- plus I went there a few times when I was in grad school and needed a gram or two for the evening. I never found anything amazing, but neither did I ever walk out empty-handed.

Apparently, not much has changed.

Citi-Med is a small shop inside. The front half is a little waiting room with a couch and leather chairs set up facing each other. A flat-screen TV is hung on the green wall; it's tuned to SportsCenter. A door leading back to the bud bar is in the middle of the back wall, and to the right of that is a small, mirrored window where an ominous voice called out a "What's up, man?" and asked for my paperwork and ID when I walked in the door.

It turned out to be the same guy seen on the shop's website. He welcomed me in, told me I would be getting first-time patient pricing, then stood back and had me pick out the strains I wanted to see one by one from the shelves behind the high bud bar. We didn't chat much -- just a few questions here and there about his preferences, which he was happy to answer. He was nice enough, but I could tell it had been a slow day and he was about as ready to be home on the couch with a bowl of herb as I was.

There were about fifteen to eighteen different strains on the shelves, including a jar of $75/ounce leafy shake and a batch of low-quality XXX Diesel that looked like a neglected stepchild in its jar. The rest of the herb is priced at around $40 an eighth for members ($70 quarter-ounces) and about $5 more per eighth for non-members when it came to the higher-quality buds.

Page down for the rest of the review, including strain photos and reviews.

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Starbuds DU (Formerly Citi-Med)

1640 E. Evans Ave., Denver, CO

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Me and my husband have been doing alot of research on which dispensary has the best price and best product. We have been to atleast 7 different places and always end up at citi med. Not only do they have the best price and product but they make you feel right at home. #1spot in Denver Colorado!!


I disagree with almost everything in this review. I am constantly shopping dispensaries and still somehow end up at CitiMed. Their bud trumps much of the other shops near them, and in Denver in general. Staff is always personable and know me by name. Maybe he just didn't know what buds to choose ;)


Would it be too much to ask for WB to ask this dispensary if they have a license from the state???? Why is this so difficult for WB???? Marijuana is ILLEGAL under federal law, and an UNLICENSED DISPENSARY is just the same to the feds as a CRIMINAL DRUG DEALER. So unlike your restaurant reviews, people's lives are actually at stake dependent on whether this dispensary has a LICENSE OR NOT.  WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SNAP A PICTURE OF IT AND POST IT???? WHY IS THIS SO HARD?????


 @Patient "Marijuana is ILLEGAL under federal law, and an UNLICENSED DISPENSARY is just the same to the feds as a CRIMINAL DRUG DEALER."

It seems you are misinformed. The fact is, the feds view *ALL* marijuana sales as criminal drug sales. A state license doesn't change that at all or make the shops (or the people who shop there) any more 'legal' in the eyes of the feds. Every marijuana dispensary - licensed or not- are criminal drug dealers to the feds. If that's a problem for you, I don't think shopping at dispensaries is going to be good for your stress levels.

Now that we've got that clear, we can move on to what I posted a few weeks ago in response to you:

We don't ask for or run license numbers in any of our other reviews we run of bars, restaurants, clubs, music venue, etc. If they are open, it is generally assumed they are licensed -- or in the case of dispensaries: that they are at least in the licensing process. Either way, it is COMPLETELY LEGAL UNDER STATE LAW for patients to be shopping there.

Because of that, whether an MMC has a license or is in the process of getting a license has no bearing on how I chose a shop and doesn't go in my reviews. I don’t call shops ahead of time to verify anything or tell them who I am when I stop by for a review. If they are open for business to the general public, then they are fodder for a review.

I understand that this could be a factor for some people when choosing where to go (along with any number of other things that don't effect how I choose a dispensary), so we make sure to list the contact information at the top of every single review we have ever run. That is specifically for patients like you to use to call a dispensary and ask them any further questions you may have that might effect your decision to shop there.

Hope that (again) helps to  answer your question. Thanks (again) for reading (and commenting on) my reviews week after week.


 @Patient Why don't you call or visit the shop yourself? WHY IS THIS SO HARD???????

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