Mitt Romney on cusp of winning war for women in Colorado?

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Mitt Romney.
Denver blog posts make it happen.

Colorado Peak Politics shares a poll showing Mitt Romney within 1 percent of Barack Obama's lead among women in swing states.

Colorado Pols: Expecting a mail-in ballot? Maybe you shouldn't.

Speaking of polls, Big Media's Jason Salzman thinks a recent one by the Post is inaccurately headlined.

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These are some amazing women - listen to what they have to say about Mitt Romney:


Jane Edmonds


Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico


Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State


Mia Love, Congressional Candidate from Utah


Bev Gray


Kate Obenshain, former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia


Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina


Deb Fischer, candidate for US Senate


Kerry Healey, former Massachusetts Lt. Governor



Does this sound like a “war on women” to you? 


Are these women victims?


Or, is truth the victim?


RobertChase topcommenter

No, he's on the cusp of winning the War on Women.

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