Photos: Top 25 mug shots of September 2012

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edward mcmorris mug shot cropped tall.jpg
Big photos below.
As seen in our pictorial roundup below, September witnessed a slew of alternatively bizarre and startling crime stories -- and the images that accompanied them were just as memorable.

Look below to see the faces of those accused in shootouts, standoffs and more (including the latest shot of Colorado's most notorious alleged monster), and click on the headlines or captions to read our original coverage.

samuel maldonado tapia mug shot.jpg
Samuel Maldonado-Tapia.
Read more in "Samuel Maldonado-Tapia busted for starting fire at Walmart, holding child at knifepoint."

johna turner mug shot.jpg
Johna Turner.
Read more in "Johna Turner suspected of animal cruelty for shoving chihuahua puppy down her pants."

charles bush mug shot.jpg
Charles Bush.
Read more in "Charles Bush busted for allegedly stealing his neighbor's sex toys."

Taveuan Dionja Williams mug shot.jpg
Taveuan Williams.
Read more in "Taveuan Williams on Facebook in RadioShack hostage drama: 'Swear to God ima die.'"

donna lynn martinez mug shot.JPG
Donna Lynn Martinez.
Read more in "Donna Martinez dies in police shooting, likely charges for passenger Bernard Trujillo."

Continue to see more of September 2012's top 25 mug shots.

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I really wish someone in Boulder would have pulled to the side of the road, punched that animal-abusing hippy assclown right in his fucking face and then taken his dog away on the spot. Douchebag.

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