NPR puts Fort Collins in the presidential debate spotlight

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Fort Collins.
Colorado was already getting plenty of spotlight time from national political reporters even before presidential debate week at DU -- but there's even more attention now. Example: An extended piece on National Public Radio's Morning Edition focusing on Colorado's undecided voters -- and specifically on Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado State University and CSU professor John Straayer, a past Westword profile subject.

In conversation with NPR's Laura Krantz, Straayer talks about areas of strength for the Romney and Obama campaigns, and speculates that turnout among the growing Latino population in the state could decide the entire election.

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John Straayer.
He also notes what he characterizes as an enthusiasm gap for Obama in 2012, likening the effect to movie-watching: The excitement the first time through tends to be greater than seeing the show a second time.

But while Straayer identifies himself as a Republican, he concludes with a criticism of the party for letting its no-new-taxes zeal undermine the country's infrastructure, as well as funding for institutions like CSU.

Listen to the entire segment here:

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The Obama enthusiasm gap is nothing like the Romney enthusiasm chasm. Further, I'd say that the one thing Romney has done effectively this election is to fire up the Obama base and *narrow* that enthusiasm gap.

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