Photos: Nuggets 2012 skyline uniforms a bold change or a Tim Gunn nightmare?

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nuggets uniforms 2012.jpg
Is the Nuggets' strategy this season to blind their opponents? That may be the secret purpose behind the squad's newly unveiled uniforms, which mate a highlighter-yellow hue with the de facto return of the skyline that was a standard part of frequently bitched-about Nugs gear from ages ago. How does the latest look compare to the old-school styles? Let's take a trip through the Denver ballers' fashion past.

As seen on the excellent site, the 1976-77 road uniforms were simple and straight-forward with the minor exception of the "Denver" lettering, which recalls the Me Decade as instantly as does the leisure suit.

nuggets uniform 1976 1977 road.jpg

And then came the '80s and the rise of the skyline, as seen in the 1982-83 road uniforms,whose shorts boast a rainbow pattern that looks like sample strips from a paint store.

nuggets uniform 1982 1983 road uniform.jpg

The rainbows remain on the 1985-86 home uniforms, whose white color makes them pop even more. Only you can decide if that's a good thing.

nuggets uniform 1985 1986 home.jpg

By the time of the 1993-94 road uniforms, the uniform design had become much simpler, with even the mountainous peak that lifts the center of the word "Nuggets" qualifying as fairly subtle. No wonder you still see people wearing this version without embarrassment.

nuggets uniform 1993 1994 road uniform.jpg
Continue to see more Nuggets uniforms of the past, plus a video of the new ones.

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