Photos: Ten Obama supporters on whether he can recover from his Denver debate

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Since President Barack Obama struggled in his Denver debate against Mitt Romney, some have questioned whether his improved performances in the second two debates can undo the damage. Today, a day after Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rallied at Red Rocks, Obama is making a stop at City Park in Denver. We asked ten supporters here how they think the debates will impact the outcome in Colorado, a key swing state in the race.

Rachel Fluckey, 27, nurse

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Sam Levin
"He'll definitely pull through... I was always set in my decision and I know that most people have probably made up their minds before the debates anyway.... [The first debate] worried me a little bit, though I thought he did fine. It was gonna be super-tight in Colorado anyway."

Tyler George, 30, unemployed

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Sam Levin
"I thought he did really well in the first debate. People just like drama and [Obama] was calm and collected. That doesn't sell. They prefer Jerry Springer.... His message never changed."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Could the U$A recover from another corrupt, incompetent, criminal Repuglykkkan regime?


Still recovering from the last one.


Rachel Flukeys "beer drinkers for obama" T shirt is working wonders for the obama re election campaign.

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