Peyton Manning: Is he wishing he'd signed with San Francisco about now?

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Denver blog posts make a good afternoon snack.

South Stands Denver's John Reidy wonders if the Broncos' 2-3 start isn't generating some second thoughts by Peyton Manning about inking with Denver.

Plants & Animals Denver's Gelseigh on calcium and dairy.

At Education News Colorado, Michael Kiley explains why he's against Denver's school board.

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Because SF would have been able to learn Manning's offense faster? If you think Manning expected to start his career with a fresh team 5-0 in a very difficult first half of the schedule you're crazy. Sure, we could be 3-2 instead because of some bad officiating, or even 4-1 if it weren't for bad luck, but a man that experienced knows exactly what he was getting into, and IMHO I don't think we look half bad. If we don't make the playoffs I will be surprised.

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