Peyton Manning exorcises Tim Tebow once and for all in Saints blow-out

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While the interest in Peyton Manning nationally is running high (as witnessed by how often Denver's played in prime time this season), the excitement level locally has been muted in comparison with last year's Tim Tebow mania. But that may be about to change. Hours after the Chosen One missed a block on punt coverage (!) that contributed to another Jets defeat, Manning was spot-on in the Broncos' 34-14 dismantling of the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints came into last night's game with a 2-4 record, but that didn't mean this game was a gimme. Thanks to Bountygate (more than forty years after Watergate, why are we still putting a "gate" at the end of every scandal's name?), Drew Brees and company got off to an understandably slow start. But in the past two games, Breesus seemed to be back on track and ready to shred vulnerable defenses as he's done in recent seasons, when his statistics have been gaudier than those racked up by plenty of QBs firmly ensconced in the Hall of Fame.

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Chris Harris.
And yet the Broncos D, which has been mighty erratic thus far, managed to make Brees look pedestrian despite a continuing inability to generate a consistently fierce pass rush. (Brees was only sacked twice, with neither Von Miller nor Elvis Dumervil accomplishing this feat; Derek Wolfe and Wesley Woodyard earned the honors.) Granted, the Saints receivers provided a big assist in this respect, dropping plenty of catchable balls over the course of the contest. But the secondary, which began demonstrating heretofore elusive skills two weeks ago against San Diego, stepped up big again. Tracy Porter remained sidelined with an illness, but young talents like Tony Carter and Chris Harris (supplemented by the ageless Champ Bailey) are playing so well that the veteran may have a hard time getting back on the field even after doctors give him the all-clear.

Manning, meanwhile, carved up the Saints defense as if Thanksgiving had come several weeks early even after whacking his hand on top of Saints pass rusher. NBC color commentator Chris Collinsworth tried to hype the damage done to Manning's thumb as a potential disaster in the making, which it didn't appear to be; here's hoping there's no worsening over the course of the week. But lost amid all of the digit discussion was the fact that Peyton took the kind of monster shot fans cringed about in week one, when we still didn't know whether he could take such punishment due to his numerous neck surgeries. Now, we know better -- and it's a beautiful feeling.

Continue to read more about the Broncos' blowout win over the Saints last night, and see a video of Peyton Manning after the game.

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While most Bronco fans are caught up in "Manning Mania" I personally have always thought that trading Tebow was a dumb idea. Manning is now 36 years old which means at best he's got 2 good seasons left. This means we will be doing yet another quartback shuffle by 2014. With a Manning starting and Tebow as second string would have been a great thing.


Hey, P. Manning has already won one championship in 13 years, whereas it took Elway 15.  But I believe Tebow could have won three in ten years.  As a first year starter, Tebow's success was better than either Elway or Manning.  And Tebow was vastly more successful in the NCAA.  Some things aren't forgivable, and running Tebow out of town is one of them. 


The Broncos are dead to me now, after 35 years as a devoted fan.  I just clicked this link because I figured it would give a clue about the empty seats on the Manning "bandwagon," which is a rental car, by the way.  Not at all surprised to read that fan interest has been "muted."  


Roberts , as you know , you are my favorite contributor to WW & I consider you more than a mere journalist . You visit & write beyond the norm . REGARDLESS , I have yet to decide if you may join me on the Peyton bandwagon . It hasn't even been a month since you had all but written he & the Broncos , off for the season . Perhaps some samples from advertising medicinal marijuana stores could alter my perspective . It's worth a try !.....

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