Debate 2012: Ten signs the presidential debate is coming to Denver

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Let the hyperbole fly: Depending on whom you ask, the presidential debate coming to town this Wednesday is either the biggest event of the election season, the biggest-ever boon to the University of Denver's place in the national spotlight, or the biggest political anything to happen in Denver since the Democratic National Convention four years ago. Or maybe it's a combination of all three: Take your pick. And that's just the beginning. Here's our top ten list of signs the debate is coming to town.

10. DU looks increasingly like a police state.

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Photo by Britt Chester
Nothing says freedom and liberty like the erection of eight-foot high fences in front of the University of Denver's campus. While presidential security is no joke, the draconian measures being employed to keep the public out seems a little intimidating.

9. My archaeology class got canceled because of the Secret Service.

secret service.jpg
Here's something you don't expect to hear your professor say: We may or may not be meeting on Tuesday because the Secret Service may or may not be commandeering the building. Yet that's exactly what happened last Thursday, during a discussion in my Historic Archaeology class. Granted, it is the day before the debate, and the entire campus -- that's right, every single building -- will be on lockdown as of Wednesday.

Continue for more of our ten signs the presidential debate is coming to town.

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First off, these so-called "debates" are a joke. Nothing of substance gets discussed (climate breakdown, peak oil, prosecution of banksters, American imperialism, income inequality, systemic racism, American police-state bunker mentality, etc.) in favor of becoming a one-liner contest for the low-information voters.


Second, this *is* supposed to be the twenty-first century, right? So why are wasting money and majorly inconveniencing a sizable percentage of Denver residents by insisting that this dog-and-pony show take place in person, rather than simply being held via videoconferencing?


I can see it now: "The Presidential Debates, Hosted by Skype"

Tracy Strode
Tracy Strode

All that hot air in town is really making it warm in my basement, and i'm nowhere near DU....

Hayley Richardson
Hayley Richardson

i think everyone who attends, works, or lives near DU has been inconvenienced. shit it nuts over there. they are making students attend classes at metro while campus is shut down yet the light rail is closed. so screwed up.

Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

We will be at the university light rail with pedicabs to help ease the suffering! Hit us up.


@kaffeinebuzz Impressive there seems to be no mention of Aurora.

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