Photos: Inside the University of Denver's presidential debate swag bag

debate bag thumb.jpg
Big photos below.
Anyone who doubts the presidential debate in Denver today is a big friggin' deal should take a dive inside the swag bag the University of Denver is giving to media covering the event. Upon close inspection -- i.e. giddy dumping of contents on the floor -- we found all sorts of surprising goods: some edible, some health-oriented and some sure to endure as mementos of another political happening that puts Denver in the spotlight.

Below are photos of the small perks -- some very, very small -- of reporting at the first of three presidential debates, conveniently located in the key swing state of Colorado.

Water bottle

water bottle, swag bag.JPG

Lip balm, hand sanitizer, a sunscreen stick

chapstick, swag bag.JPG

Tiny pin

tiny pin, swag bag.JPG

Baseball hat

baseball, swag bag.JPG

Continue for more swag.

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Gee and it's not even financed by taxpayer funds borrowed from China to be paid off by our kids!  For that sort of swag, one needs to fly with POTUS on Air Force One.


@asi_andycohen you bet. Have to take advantage when promotional products are in the spotlight.

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