Scott Gessler's office shares evidence of voter fraud in Colorado

Within the records, there are some who have voted illegally, Coolidge says -- and he maintains that he's got (redacted) documents to prove it. An April 2011 document on view below in its entirety is an example that shows a voter who checked "no" under citizen, also writing "not yet" next to it.

voter registration form.jpg
Courtesy of Rich Coolidge
Coolidge shows us other voter-history documents -- full redacted versions are also on view below -- from this same individual, who voted in 2003, 2004 and 2006 in El Paso County.

Coolidge also points to letters from individuals asking to be removed, explaining that they didn't realize they weren't allowed to vote as immigrants. Here are excerpts from those two, with the full letters below.

May 3 letter voter reg.jpg
Courtesy of Rich Coolidge

voter reg form 2.jpg
Courtesy of Rich Coolidge

"There's clearly a misunderstanding," Coolidge says, explaining that records show that some immigrants just don't realize that they are not allowed to vote. The problem, he says, is that voters who checked "no" under citizenship have been able to vote. Likewise, some immigrants may check "yes" with their registration forms and county clerks just take their word for it -- and in some cases there's no good way to verify them.

Gessler's office says that of 141 registered voters who aren't citizens according to a federal database, 35 of them have voted in past elections -- though some critics dispute how accurate and up-to-date that data might be. Still, of the fourteen voters who were recently removed as a result of that federal check, none actually have vote history, meaning there is no overlap with the 35 voters.

But the proof of fraud overall is there, says Coolidge, adding that, despite the fact that many voters ultimately have not been removed -- given that there was very little time since they got access to the federal database and Election Day -- the Secretary of State still believes there are many illegally registered voters.

"We think all of them are [illegally registered]," Coolidge says of the 141 flagged. "The federal government says they are not citizens."

And more could turn up this week with a second round of checks -- and Gessler's office will send those names to county clerks with instructions on how to challenge them.

Despite these documents, Gessler's critics aren't convinced.

"My view is, of course, there are some [examples of voter fraud] out there and that's bad," says Denise Maes, public policy director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. "Let's deal with it and not talk about rampant fraud as if it's a bigger issue than it is.... That's what [Gessler] puts out in the news."

She says encouraging people to vote has to be the priority -- and it just doesn't seem like that's the case with Gessler.

"To the extent that [instances of voter fraud] are true and authentic, that's a problem and we need to deal with it," she says. "What we're saying is it's a disproportionate amount of time and effort to spend on...what is virtually a non-problem."

Gessler himself says that the constant criticism can be frustrating. "The people who make those criticisms are politicizing the issue and they want to sort of try and whip up their base by creating a false impression of what's going on. Ultimately, they've got the freedom of speech to be able to do that. But they're just not facing reality -- and the reality is what we're doing works really well."

Continue for the full documents provided to us by Gessler's office.

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After '08 when we saw outfits like ACORN registering thousands of fictitious "voters", and after decades of illegal human trafficking through our ports and borders, it really is high time to clean the system up so that one of our most important rights is upheld.


"Yes we can....make sure voter fraud rarely leaves Chicago!"

Chris Cater
Chris Cater

like me? I was deemed inactive, thank the Romney chick that knocked on my door or I would have lost my vote to extremists and a cult(Mormons)!


@SamTLevin if they are legal, Gessler would not deny them their vote. Doesn't make sense.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @DrNickR Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dr. Nick. We're going to make your post an upcoming Comment of the Day. Much appreciated.

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