Strategic Allied Consulting: Could controversial voter firm still have Colorado ties?

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Video below.
The Colorado GOP last month cut ties with a controversial voter-registration firm accused of fraud. But Nathan Sproul, the consultant behind the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, has since popped up elsewhere, continuing voter canvassing work across the country. And in Colorado, some Craigslist advertisements suggest that Sproul, or a company affiliated with him, may still be active across the state.

In Colorado, this controversy first got attention in September, when a video of a young woman saying she was only registering Mitt Romney supporters went viral. One reason: Canvassers in registration drives aren't allowed to refuse those who don't support their party.

Soon after, it was reported that the young woman was a contract employee for Strategic Allied Consulting.

Here's that video.

The Republican National Committee announced that it would no longer work with the company after allegations of fraudulent forms being in Florida. Additionally, Sproul, the operative behind Strategic Allied and a former director of the Republican Party in Arizona, has in the past faced accusations of leading registration drives where employees were dumping Democratic registration forms.

And in Colorado, as we reported earlier this month, a former employee of Strategic Allied is under investigation.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Sproul is still actively doing voter canvassing work, possibly in different states across the country.

And two Craigslist ads locally suggest that he or his affiliates could be working in Colorado, though a spokesman for Strategic Allied says that is not the case.

The ads, which are looking for individuals to do "voter canvassing," in Colorado Springs and in Denver, come from a group called PinPoint Staffing. The worker allegedly responsible for suspicious forms in Florida with Strategic Allied told the L.A. Times that he got his job by responding to an ad from PinPoint on Craigslist.

That individual also said he was given zero training, thought he was working with the Republican Party and was told to ask people how they were voting; if they answered Obama, he wished them a good day, and if they answered Romney, he registered them.

Continue for comments from Strategic Allied and from the groups concerned about these voter canvassing efforts.

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