Shooting at Obama campaign field office; no one injured

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Big photos below.
Someone fired a shot through one of the Obama campaign offices in Denver this afternoon, shattering the glass in one of the windows. No one was injured, according to a Denver Police Department spokeswoman.

There are also no suspects as of this writing, and the crime at the 9th Avenue and Acoma field office remains under investigation.

Here's the damage as of late this afternoon.

Obama headquarters, crime scene.JPG
Sam Levin
Window shattered at Obama campaign office at 9th and Acoma.

DPD spokeswoman Raquel Lopez says that police received a call at 3 p.m. regarding "criminal mischief" at the office, which is on 9th, between Acoma and Broadway. When officers arrived, they found that a shot had been fired into the structure. She says the investigation is active and that there aren't any suspects at this time. There is a vehicle of interest. Officials from the Obama campaign in Colorado didn't have a comment as of this writing.

Here's a close-up of the shattered glass.

shattered glass.jpg
Sam Levin

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@tweek_sf we are the psycho gun nut capital of the world here in Denver, so not that surprising. Sad, but not surprising. No injurious tho.


@SamTLevin really great to see the love of Democracy in our country alive and well.

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