Ten things near schools more dangerous than medical marijuana dispensaries

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We hear it all the time from the anti-cannabis crowd: "We've got to think of the kids!" It's the chief argument behind federal letters sent out over the last year shutting down dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools. But what about the other, much more pressing risks that can be found just as close to schools in Denver? Below, we've come up with a lighthearted list of things ranking much higher on the danger scale than legal marijuana sales.

10. Colfax avenue
If anything should scare East High parents in Denver, it's the road directly in front of their child's school. East High school lets kids out on to one of America's greatest roadways of crack dealers, hookers, drunks and pimps.

Frankly, I think it gives the kids some character to look back on...just so long as they don't turn into a hooker, drug dealer, drunk or pimp.

9. The front stairs.

As this hysterically mean video shows, Mother Nature (and junior high kids who don't warn each other of impending doom) can be a cruel bitch sometimes. I've never twisted my ankle or slammed my hip into the hard, frozen pavement from slipping on frozen marijuana that fell from the sky.

(Note: I would gladly welcome slipping on frozen marijuana falling from the sky so long as I could make ice hash from it afterward.)

Continue for more of our ten things near schools more dangerous than marijuana dispensaries.

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William Breathes
William Breathes

Jennifer, that's why I included liquor stores in the top ten list ;)

Jenny Castaneda
Jenny Castaneda

I'm more concerned about the liqour stores next to schools.. Someone is going to smoke weed and can remember if they did something bad.. How many times do people black out and do things they dont remember?


Breathes, the name of the gas station was called Sun Mart.  Maher Awad and Abdelilah Dehry were the 2 dudes who were arrested for allegedly selling spice and steroids.

nemopunk15 topcommenter

That is clearly the Quick Stop in Red Bank NJ, or at least a still shot from any random Kevin Smith film. What's my prize?


Love the list also, keep up with good work.


good article but you are trippin on the Eash High comment, yeah drugs are in schools but the strip of the fax by East wasnt even ghetto when I graduated East in 2003. Maybe try some Aroura school. Big up


You can ONLY get cannabis at an MMC? My ass. When's the last time you were in school, 1940? Schoolkids have the best buddha out there.


+1 on the school itself. Schools have more drugs than any MMC. You can get pills, coke, meth, booze, etc at a school, but you can only get cannabis at an MMC.


Looks like I should be shopping at a local school... maybe the Feds should be banning schools


 @That1Guy Technically, you are correct -- since I was unclear on which gas station I was talking about. Send me an email to with your address and we'll get your surprise prize out in the mail asap.



Well done and well spotted. Glad someone got the reference.


Send me an email to with your address and we'll send you your winnings in the mail.

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