Reader: Amendment 64 isn't full marijuana legalization, but that can still happen

Tony Ryan.
Our post about a Law Enforcement Against Prohibition letter to Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, asking the federal government not to interfere with implementation of Amendment 64, morphed into a conversation about A64's limitations. One reader acknowledges them, but sees the act as part of a shift toward broad marijuana legalization.

anons1234 writes:

Baby steps....

Of course A64 people want full legalization.. but the problem is.. that will never pass.
MJ legalization needs to be eased into. (there is still a lot of fear in the public)

What you are trying to do is equivalent to trying to go to the moon without a rocket ship....trying to cross a harsh river without a bridge...

It won't work, we need to build a foundation that legitimizes cannabis..
So with this being said, you are very counter productive to the "full cannabis legalization" movement that you are preaching about.

Full legalization comes after a successful 64 implementation.

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It doesn't need baby steps. It needs principle. The herb that was good medicine 100 years ago is still good medicine. The herb that was taken down by racism, corporatism and fascism 75 years ago, is still far safer than alcohol, and treating it like alcohol is going overboard.


Don´t we have to change the constitution again, if we want legalization?  And I heard somewhere this was legalization?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

"we need to build a foundation that legitimizes cannabis.."


How does conflating "a harmless plant that never killed anyone" with DEADLY ALCOHOL that harms, maims and kills 10s of thousands of people every year "legitimize" it?


You clueless diaper-wearing baby-stepping stoners.




What's wrong Aaron... you have nothing to contribute to this article?  I find that hard to believe...


Besides, I've bought cases of wine I liked at liquor mart. The limits on pot possession are not "like alcohol." I suspect beer home-brewers don't have to brew their beer in a locked, enclosed space, either.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Stupid Stoners = lazy, baby-stepping cowards

Which is why, after 50+ years of the Drug War, marijuana remains illegal in the U$A.

Baby-steppers = Epic Failures

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