Amendment 64: Tom Tancredo on why GOP should embrace marijuana measure

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Tom Tancredo.
Former Congressman and Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo was arguably the most prominent Colorado Republican to publicly back Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act -- and even after voters approved it, few GOP members are rushing to laud it. Should they? Yes, Tancredo believes, but because it fits their values, and not to shore up demographics that hurt the party during the election earlier this month.

"If you really believe what conservatives say they believe -- in less government -- this is a perfect way to express that belief," Tancredo maintains. "To say, 'I don't think the government has any right to tell me what I should ingest.'"

This logic didn't result in a great deal of support for Amendment 64 among Republican office holders in Colorado before the election. Tancredo was pretty much the only major pro-64 advocate from his party -- which explains why he debated Weld County District Attorney (and former Republican senatorial hopeful) Ken Buck, a vocal opponent of the act, on public television, and recorded a radio commercial for the Amendment 64 campaign.

Here's a video version of that spot.

Amendment 64's passage hasn't spurred many changes of heart among the GOP. Thus far, the only Republican member of the state's congressional delegation to sign on to Democratic Representative Diana DeGette's bill that would exempt Colorado from federal marijuana policy is Mike Coffman. But in backing the measure, he made it clear that his support was unenthusiastic. His statement about the proposal reads, "I voted against Amendment 64 and I strongly oppose the legalization of marijuana, but I also have an obligation to respect the will of the voters given the passage of this initiative, and so I feel obligated to support this legislation."

Granted, Coffman's words represent a ringing endorsement compared to the views of many fellow Republicans, as Tancredo knows personally. "I remember a phone message I got from a woman who has been a quote-unquote friend for forty years -- and I say 'quote-unquote' because she said this [his endorsement of Amendment 64] ended the friendship. And I thought, if this ended it, we didn't have much of a friendship. But she considers herself a strong Christian conservative, and she couldn't believe I'd support it. And this wasn't unique. I got that from a lot of people."

Not that this rejection shook Tancredo's certainty that he'd chosen the proper path.

Continue for more from Tom Tancredo about why Republicans should embrace Amendment 64.

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Tancredo is right. People my age don't vote Democrat based on this issue. It wouldn't change things much if the Republican Party adopted an anti-Prohibitionist stance. Young voters have been brainwashed through school to believe that having Big Brother take care of you and paddle you when you misbehave is a good thing. Personal liberty, freedom, and responsibility are totally lost on Milennial Democrats.


These "so called" Christians don't have a clue and have been DECEIVED. Please "Christian Conservative" - show me in the BIBLE where Jesus use the FORCE of Govt. to promote his beliefs. If you were to actually read your Bible, you'd quickly discover that Jesus described Politicians and Clergy as Prostitutes. Wake up and turn off FAUX NEWS.

Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

Good luck with that Tommy. To many of your fascist buddies make Money off of the booming private prison system.

Jesse Tafoya
Jesse Tafoya

fuck that asshole. him supporting it almost makes me want to go against it... almost. anyway, fuck him, total piece of shit.


Exactly, this is soooo much bigger than just smoking pot, we can do that anyway.  This is about the vote of the people and fighting off communism.  You are either for us or against us and those against us don't stand a chance.  Cannabis will always win in the end and control the minds of the feeble and weak.

"It's like that story about Henry David Thoreau. He was thrown in jail at some point in time for civil disobedience of some sort, and he had these friends come and visit -- and one of them said, 'Thoreau, what are you doing in there?' And he said, 'The real question is, why aren't you in here with me?' When my conservative friends attacked me for doing this, I asked, 'Why aren't you here with me?'

beautiful Westword, on the Thoreau quote!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@davidjake91 Very interesting post, David -- one we're going to make an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

KathleenChippi topcommenter

@tutonehcc "This is about the vote of the people and fighting off communism.  Youare either for us or against us and those against us don't stand achance.  Cannabis will always win in the end and control the minds ofthe feeble and weak."

 what?  A64 was about fighting off communism?   cannabis controls the weak and feeble? 


@DummyHotay @tutonehcc That is pretty funny DummyHotay, I actually thought you were the Doney_Hotay there for a second, you had me going!  Now where are those Gold Fish?

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