Photos: Ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

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Big photos below.
Earlier this week, we published our picks for the ten weirdest recent "Rants & Raves" on Denver Craigslist -- and if anything, the ones we found on the Boulder Craigslist site are even stranger.

We've picked and photo-illustrated ten of the most twisted from recent days and are sharing them unedited -- just as they were posted. Check them out below.

Number 10: to the douchebag who stole my wallet (SKIP bus)

boulder skip bus.jpg
To the asshole who stole my wallet off the Skip bus Halloween night: I hope you're happy with your loot. A few dollars and a maxed out debit card - whoa! you really lucked out. Thanks so much for taking my ID so I couldn't even get into the bars. Hope it was worth it. Fucker.
Number 9: My wife is being a complete & total BITCH! (RagingBitchVille)
bitchy woman.jpg
Beats the shit out of me what is going on.

I do all the house cleaning, dishes, laundry & most of the cooking, etc. Do I get sex??? Nope. Hell, I don't get shit.

Life sucks.

Continue to see more of the ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves."

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Ok, Lets go there.. First off your a psyco bitch that beats her so called husband, lets get that straight. first..Ever think that your Boyfriend, oh ya, your husband dosent want to go home to your ass cuz you beat him?? That thought ever cross your rat like brain? The lady that your refering to that supposedely is trying to take your husband is the sweetest nicest person Ive ever met.. Unlike yourself, who I have met and can justify my reasoning in calling you a Psyco!!  I know you abuse your husband, sorry, boyfriend, want to keep things straight, but if you think your going to start harassing his REAL friends you got another thing coming bitch.. I certinly will not stand by and see my friends get slandered by the hands of a woman that cant even take care of herself or her own kids.. Unlike Ann who is an outstanding mother and role model for her children..Lady your a coward.. And if I ever run into you again Ill make sure to tell it to your rat face!   So if you want to start some shit you know where we hang out 4X a day.. Ill be waiting to defend my friends honor and put your skanky ass in its place..

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