Briana Augustenborg: Will she face charges in bizarre "Alex Jordan" cancer hoax?

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In recent years, accused cancer fakers such as Tausha Marsh and Ann Crall have allegedly collected thousands by pretending to have a terminal illness. All of which makes the case of Briana Augustenborg that much more bizarre. She's said to have hyped up a case of leukemia for a nonexistent child -- but while she garnered plenty of attention, she wound up with no cash, suggesting that she may not have actually committed a crime.

According to the Eagle Valley Enterprise's Pam Boyd, Augustenborg, a 22-year-old Avon resident, told a co-worker who was friendly with the mother of an Eagle Valley High School football player about Alex Jordan, a nine-year-old boy suffering from terminal leukemia. The boy, with whom she claimed to be close, was a big football fan, she said, and followed the EVHS team closely.

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Eagle Valley High School.
Augustenborg's friend offered to speak to the mom and get a signed football for little Alex. The request prompted outreach on the part of the players, who began posting good wishes on Facebook that only accelerated after Augustenborg told Alex's story on a local radio station and shared it with Boyd for a front-page story in the Enterprise.

Little Alex's most fervent desire was to attend the October 26 EVHS football game, Augustenborg said, and with that in mind, players and cheerleaders donned orange apparel in his honor, and the dance team spelled out "Alex" with their pompoms.

The boy didn't see this display, though, being imaginary and all. But Augustenborg explained his absence by announcing via Facebook that he'd died the day before the game.

Shortly thereafter, Augustenborg wrote an obituary for Alex that was published in the Vail Daily. The obit has now been removed, but a link lingers at Here's a screen capture of what remains:

Continue to learn more about the bizarre Alex Jordan hoax.

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