Craig Romney on potential voter fraud in the election: "It's news to me"

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Craig Romney.
At a rally featuring Craig Romney in Denver on Monday, a deputy coalitions director with the campaign who introduced Mitt's youngest son encouraged supporters to be poll watchers and help ensure that no one cheats on election day. But when asked about it after the speech, Romney told us he's not concerned about voter fraud or cheating, saying, "It's news to me."

Paulo Sibaja, a deputy coalitions director with the Colorado Romney team, made a short speech to a crowd of supporters gathered outside the Denver campaign office on Cook Street before Craig Romney spoke.

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Sam Levin
Craig Romney with Wendy Warner, Denver GOP chairwoman
Sibaja said: "We have eight more days. So what can we do immediately? There's three things that we can do: Knock on doors and make phone calls -- and last, be a poll watcher. Why a poll watcher? We want to make sure we have an honest election and no one's cheating."

In the months leading up to the race, efforts to prevent fraud and cheating in the election have created a lot of controversy in Colorado, mainly with the initiatives of Secretary of State Scott Gessler to weed out immigrant voters who are illegally registered to vote. Gessler recently announced that there are 300 voters who are immigrants according to federal records but still have successfully registered to vote. They would be committing fraud on election day if they do end up voting, Gessler says. This group of 300 is in addition to 141 voters he flagged in September.

Critics say the data Gessler is using can be inaccurate and that this kind of effort could intimidate voters, especially new citizens who are likely to be targeted. Gessler, a Republican who has appeared at events with the controversial anti-fraud group True the Vote, says it's just good government to try and close serious loopholes. Given that the timing is so close to the election, the Secretary of State's office hasn't been able to do much more than send these 441 voters letters and forward their names to county clerks. In a first round of checks, a total of fourteen were removed across the state. From the second round, we know that in Denver, the state's largest county, five were removed last week -- none of whom had actually voted. The clerk's office chalked up the presence of the names to clerical errors.

In the final days of the race, some liberal groups in Colorado say they are bracing for potential intimidation or suppression from right-wing groups and poll watchers aligned with Romney. And one of the main arguments of those opposed to Gessler's anti-fraud efforts is that there really isn't much fraud or reason to be concerned about potential "cheaters." Gessler disagrees and says there is proof that illegally registered voters have actually cast ballots in Colorado elections.

Craig Romney, however, is not too concerned -- or at least he doesn't much want to talk about it.

Continue to read more about Craig Romney's reaction to questions about potential voter fraud.

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Father like son . The lies roll off the lips naturally . Almost as if he believed what he was saying .

Or the common , " I didn't understand the question . " .....

Then why in the F$#K did you open your mouth !!!???!!!


Gessler should have focused his attention on the e-voting machines that have been deemed insecure, and vulnerable to tampering, by every independent security expert that has examined them.


Gessler's response: "I know of no evidence in Colorado where any of these machines have ever been tampered with."  He also has stated he has no evidence that significant numbers of ineligible voters are voting, but that didn't stop him on that front.


Notice that he does not claim that the votes from these machines cannot be tampered with, just that nobody has been caught red handed here in Colorado.  Anyone interested in fair elections should look into the political operatives that own the majority stakes in the electronic voting machine companies. 


If you do your homework you will lose all faith in any tallies generated by these machines.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Mormonism ... only slightly less insane than $cientology.



DonkeyHotay topcommenter



Mittens "another lying Mormon" Romney admitted his 5 sons are also LIARS during the debate --


ROMNEY: “Look, I’ve got five boys I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true but just keep repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it.”





Isn't this how the entire Mormon religion functions ?

Hell , they even rewrote the bible to accommodate their ways of living ...

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