Photos: CU Buffs suck memes

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Big memes below.
No one delighted in the firing of CU Buffs football coach Jon Embree over the weekend -- but few were shocked by it, either. After all, the team has become a national laughingstock, especially online. As evidence, we present the following gallery of memes ripping the Buffs for their ineptitude. Check them out below -- and remember that laughing is better than crying.

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cu football memes 3.jpg
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Jack Thursby
Jack Thursby

Well, Rick, the prevalence and expansion of athletic programs even at the Division III level just demonstrates how fucked the priorities of "reel A'Murikuh" are. Of course, your complaint could very well be levied against funding for the arts, considering the prevalence of crappy art, music, and entertainment flooding theaters, exhibitions, and the airwaves. From now on, universities should just "stick to the three Rs." */snark

Rick Hall
Rick Hall

Who cares? It's a freakin sport. How about turning the tuition costs or quality of the education around?


I am not from Colorado, but I have been a college football fan for years. CU has a beautiful stadium, in a beautiful city in a beautiful state. What football playing young man would not like to live there near the mountains, with snow bunnies and semi-legal pot (haha). Skiing.

I would much rather spend my college years there than in Tuscaloosa or freaking Baton Rouge. Ann Arbor, Michigan? South Bend Indiana? I am from the South and I can attest that Alabama is not a great state. Basically a cotton field, and rednecks. The better looking cousin of Mississippi.A state wth its own racial history. I lived in South and I know, and I would have much more to have gone to school at a place like Colorado.

((I also question why Hawaii is not better than they are. It's freaking HAWAII! No, I would rather play in Boise than Honolulu.))

Stacey Rogers
Stacey Rogers

I hope this woman recognizes herself is is appropriately shamed.

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