Fifteen Instagram photos that turn the Denver Art Museum into art

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denver art museum instragram cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
The Denver Art Museum is a work of art in and of itself -- inside and out. For proof, look no further than our gallery of shots from Instagram's #denverartmuseum category.

Below, see fifteen images that caught our eye -- and be sure to click on the credit to see other work by the Instagrammers whose work we're spotlighting.

denver art museum instagram 1.jpg

denver art museum instagram 2.jpg

denver art museum instagram 3.jpg
Continue for more of our fifteen Instagram photos that turn the Denver Art Museum into art.

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Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott

I am an old timer and I remember when it was built. It definitely had to grow on me. I remember when the art museum was free. I used to go to the library after school and would sometimes go over to the art museum to kill some time.

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